Shank Attempt

6 Responses to “Shank Attempt”

  1. Ooh man – the sound effect was soooo satisfying in this video. So I guess it’s true about Snickers. LOL

    The bonk sound effect was amazing. – Evyl

  2. I watched it twice! That was funny!

    I’m glad that ya liked it. – Evyl

  3. It’s the sound effect that had me in tears laughing.

    The squish of the Snickers did it for me. And then the baton was killer. – Evyl

  4. I watched it twice too! Very funny! Now I want a Snickers.

    It satisfies. – Evyl

  5. Very funny! 🙂

    I’m glad that you liked it. – Evyl

  6. LOL! Where do you find this stuff?

    I am a Youtube junkie, what can I say? – Evyl

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