Just Putting Another Thought Out To The Wind

People have come up with some colorful phrases to use for transvestites. Chicks with Dicks and Sluts with Nuts just to name two. But I know of no such colorful phrases to describe females living as males. I think that one such colorful phrase could be Dudes that Douche or possibly Mangina.

13 Responses to “Just Putting Another Thought Out To The Wind”

  1. Hi Evyl,

    Pecker Pretenders
    Dickless Dudes
    Pecker Posers
    Shifty Shaftless Shes
    Penis Envy Paul(a)
    Tube Sock Tracy
    Mister Miss
    Boxers Babes
    Gender Bender Glenda
    Hillary Clinton

    the Grit

    Pecker Posers has a nice ring to it. Another one along that vein could be Wang Wannabe’s. – Evyl

  2. “Hilary Clinton” 😆

  3. I can think of one name, but it might prove a little awkward if he/she stumbled on your blog one day. She lives as a man, and I know of at least one story of a woman that dated her and found out the um…hard way that she has all the girl parts.

    Sometimes lifes lessons have to be learned the hard way. It makes for great gossip. – Evyl

  4. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    Mangina would be terrific, except it’s already taken for something else:


    Manginass have already made their way into mainstream cinema, as well, via Silence of the Lambs.

    I hate it when people steal my shit before I even think it up. The fuckers. – Evyl

  5. Mangina has been put to good use already. Check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0S6vL0-u58

    Old Greg does have the funk. I was wondering what happened to it. – Evyl

  6. Tit’n Clitters
    Chic’n Dickers
    Kitt Dykerson

    Kitt Dykerson has a nice ring to it. – Evyl

  7. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    here’s my suggestions for women-living-as-men:

    Invert – it’s old-time slang for a homosexual, and rather fitting, since the the transexual in question is, for all effective purposes, a man, except with genitals that recede inwards rather than protrude outwards. Innie could be a possible derivative.

    Vegetarian Sausage – because there’s no meat.

    Pauly Pockets – since there’s a recessed space in their pants for storing things. could be shortened to just Pockets.

    Pauly Pockets makes me think of the Hot Pockets theme song. – Evyl

  8. I must say the list developing already is quite impressive and mine wont’ make your top ten but…

    dainty dudes
    the new white meat

    Okay, I think that’s enough.

    Good one’s all. – Evyl

  9. Mock Males?
    Un MEN shunables?
    N-Oh Henrys?

    I like Un Men shunables. It just rolls off the tongue. – Evyl

  10. good heavens you people have come up with some treasures…!!!

    only one i could think of is…

    hairless harry 🙂

    Thats good. – Evyl

  11. Sorry, I just can’t match the Grit
    Hilary Cliton was the best one (*misspelling intentional)


    That was damn good. – Evyl

  12. Some things in life just shouldn’t be…can it be called “wrong”? 😮

    I will admit that it’s a little wrong. – Evyl

  13. DarkStar Says:

    Hey, Until a woman can walk down the street with a massive gut hanging over her belt with her shirt unbutton to show chest hair and pee standing up I’m not interested in giving them the equality of being named anything special, other than trouble or wench!

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