Words of Tee Shirt Wisdom and Happiness

14 Responses to “Words of Tee Shirt Wisdom and Happiness”

  1. Your tag made me laugh.

    I’m glad that you liked it. – Evyl

  2. Reminds me of a shirt I saw on a girl in Wally World the other day…………WILL WORK FOREHAND JOBS. I bet she didn’t buy it there!

    Don’t happen to have her number do you. I might have a job opening. – Evyl

  3. Truth in advertising indeed!! That’s great.

    They are. Aren’t they? – Evyl

  4. That shirt rules and it looks like the person wearing it is good enough to fit the bill.

    Ain’t that the truth. – Evyl

  5. Heh, nice one!

    Thanks, darlin’. – Evyl

  6. There’s a girl with a bouncy personality.

    Especcially on a trampoline, I would imagine. – Evyl

  7. LOL
    Air bags have been deployed, sir, happy landings ahead!

    Now thats awesome. – Evyl

  8. Are you sure that’s truth in advertising? For all you know, her midget twins are in those feed bags, waiting to ambush some poor unsuspecting drunk dude with vision problems. 😆

    Midget twins? Hells yeah. Maybe it’s the midget stripper act ‘Little Sisters’. I would die a happy man. – Evyl

  9. More words I’ll never hear in my lifetime.
    Thanks dude. :mrgreen:

    You are more than welcome. – Evyl

  10. Okay I need to get that printed on a t-shirt in the “ta-ta” area ASAP…finally a solution to my problems of solitude!!!! You are so helpful 🙂

  11. Or how about “You may not be Mr. Right but I can pretend if you buy me a car!” or how about ” I may not be Mrs. Right but you didn’t care last night when I blew your lights out.”

    That second Mrs. Right is Mrs. Right Enough for me. – Evyl

  12. yea, I’ve known a few of them, and they did

    Cool. – Evyl

  13. joebecca Says:

    i totally want that shirt!!!!

    I thought that you might like it. – Evyl

  14. My favorite shirt say: “Tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes”. My wife hates it when I wear that shirt, but most women love it.

    That is a cool shirt. – Evyl

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