Evyl On The Road: Day One

After a couple of pit stops, I finally arrived at the luxurious four star hotel that I had been given directions to by the business office. I stepped into the lobby and damn did it look nice. Basking in the deluxe surroundings, I made my way to the service desk where a smiling happy young sweet thing asked me if she could help me. After giving her my name and stating that I have a reservation, she proceeded to check for my room. I wasn’t in the system. I showed her the information that the business manager had gave me and she stated that the phone number was not to the deluxe hotel but to the joints ugly step-sister off the interstate.

It’s not too bad although I am fucking pissed that the idjit business manager got the hotel wrong and got my hopes up on staying at a nice hotel and not this joint that is a hopped up Motel 6. Oh well, it has a fridge in the room and a liquor store down the street. It has good a good internet hookup so everyone can look forward to a few drunken posts.

Give me a couple of hours and a couple of six packs and I should have something to add to the old draft bin.

13 Responses to “Evyl On The Road: Day One”

  1. Get drinking already, we’re waiting for the pearls of wisdom to drip ever so tantalisingly from your lips 😛

    I am always happy to dispense pearls. – Evyl

  2. hahahaha…i can’t wait for your drunken posts, make them extra whorish please 😉

    Extra whorish? Okay but just for you darlin’. – Evyl

  3. so no spa? Damn!

    Yeah, that sucks but on the bright side, I am conveniantly located in the red light district. – Evyl

  4. You’ll have to turn in your liquor store receipts to make up for the mix-up. Tell them it was therapy suggested by your shrink in order to get over the extreme disappointment and damage to your sensitive psyche…..


    That’s a good idea. – Evyl

  5. Damn! That’s a bit of a shit, but look on the bright side. They won’t mind nearly as much when you trash the place…they may not even notice the difference!

    True that. – Evyl

  6. Anonymum said: “Damn! That’s a bit of a shit, but look on the bright side. They won’t mind nearly as much when you trash the place…they may not even notice the difference!”

    And they won’t question why there are goat horns and a couple of midget hookers passed out on the bed when you leave. 🙂

    The hotel is located on the outskirts of the red light district. So far I have spied no midget hookers but you better believe, I have my eyes peeled out for one. – Evyl

  7. I bet you have a better chance of getting abucted by an alien dominatrix in a shitty hotel than a four star! Good luck. 😉

    A person has a better chance of catching a lot of things around here. And most of them are highly communicable. – Evyl

  8. Beer!!!! Did you mention beer???? Well where the hell is my invitation??? You know I love beer and I’m a cheap drunk so won’t cost you much. Honest 🙂

    And Jayne, pearls of wisdom???? I’ll shuddup now before I get myself in big, big trouble

    Come on down, darlin’. Maybe we could even run off all the brats at the pool. – Evyl

  9. No hot tub? 😦 I love drunken posts…have done a few of those myself…as well as a few drunken comments 😉

    I am a firm believer in drunken comments. – Evyl

  10. Damn! Bring on the druken posts!!

    It’s bound to be better than some of my hangover posts. – Evyl

  11. Sorry about the hotel screw up but at least you have the fridge and alcohol and can entertain us with drunk blogging.

    I don’t know about entertaining but at least they have a chance at being even more incoherent than ever. – Evyl

  12. Hotel envy is a terrible thing to come to grips with. Although, once you start drinking, the place should start looking better and better.

    It’s really not that bad. I just like to bitch. It’s an inexpensive and satisfying hobby. – Evyl

  13. joebecca Says:

    Evyl in a hotel room with booze and a laptop= GENIUS!!

    I don’t know about genius but I could think of a few more choice words for it. – Evyl

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