It’s Good To Be Back

One cell extraction


One use of chemical agent


A mound of fucking paperwork and that warm happy glow that I live for.

10 Responses to “It’s Good To Be Back”

  1. Sorry about not being able to get around blogreading tonight but after a mound of paperwork, my eyes are going out on me. Check y’all out tomorrow. Peace Out.

  2. Oh, if only you got to use an electric cattle prod, too *sigh* t’would be the ultimate fun , minus the paperwork 😉

    I gassed another inmate today as well. Ahh, nothing quite like it to get the blood pumping. Beats the hell out of a cappuchino. – Evyl

  3. rather you than me…

    Damn Straight!!! – Evyl

  4. “warm happy glow,” ay?

    Is that kind of like heartburn?

    More like burning sinuses. – Evyl

  5. Cattle prod. Yeah….

    Cattle prods would be cool. But a well placed shot of OC is hard to beat. – Evyl

  6. life is always better when it boils down to the simple things, isn’t it?

    Ain’t that the truth. – Evyl

  7. I wanna hear more about this chemical agent stuff…you sound like an action hero! 😉

    Not really a hero maybe a superstar but not a hero. 😉 – Evyl

  8. OC!! My favorite Kind of C!

    It’s certainly a pick me up. – Evyl

  9. Hi Evyl,

    When you get ready to, deservedly it would seem, go postal on the criminal population, would it be possible to give me a bit of notice so I, and your other fans, could attend as a citizen journalist so as to immortalize your end, and make some heavy cash? I swear that, if FOX pays me enough for the story, I’ll attend your funeral clad in nothing but a cowboy hat and a kilt, and give it my best shot at playing the song of your choice on a newly purchased bagpipe!

    Amazing grace would be nice. But I wouldn’t count on it anytime soon. The convict population loves me. What’s not to love? – Evyl

  10. a chemical agent that I love the smell of is chordite…:)

    Especcially with a good shell preceeding the scent. It’s a beautiful thing. – Evyl

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