Freak Of The Week: Return Of The Freaks

After a two week hiatus, it is once again time to bring on the funk. Once again the coveted Freak of the Week title is up for grabs. Your assignment should you choose to accept it, is to add a new verse to the soon to be smash hit, ‘Crackwhores Think I’m Sexy.’ I will once again print the chorus and the first verse. Have fun everyone and may the best freak win. As always the winner as decided by the Freak Finding Panel of Judges will find themselves honored on the Freak of the Week page for all posterity with an ode from yours truly. Enough of the bs on with the contest.


Crackwhores think I’m sexy, Some folks think that’s sick

Speccially when their teeth fall out as their suckin’ on my dick.

Crackwhores think I’m sexy, I kinda like it that way

I’m always gettin’ lucky even if I have to pay.

Crackwhores think I’m sexy and their not the only ones

Crackwhores think I’m sexy and so does your mom.

First Verse

I remember that gal named Amber, in a glittery push up bra.

Her handjobs were divine and her bj’s were quite the draw.

And let me tell ya fellers, she’d be rich and fancy free

If that gal named Amber only had a woman’s pussy.

Repeat Chorus

Now it your turn for a new verse.

17 Responses to “Freak Of The Week: Return Of The Freaks”

  1. Threw a few lines together, just for you lol 😛

    There was little Joanie, who liked her men well hung
    But she’d keep a man damn busy workin’ with his tongue.
    Joanie was a hellcat in bed, she’d learnt properly from her mother
    But folks knew her better for playing tag with her brother.

    Outstanding!!! – Evyl

  2. But Amber’s friend named Lucy is the one I like to see

    Cause she has a woman’s pussy that is one that’s always free

    If you’re the guy that shows her that a pussy can actually be

    The real thing that makes her the only one for me.

    Damn that’s good. – Evyl

  3. Then there was cousin Amy, with her long bleached blonde hair,

    She’d take em tall, she’d take em short, in truth she didn’t care,

    Just so long as they paid her price, she’d treat em to a fuck,

    jewellery, lingerie and her drugs, she’d also do it for a buck.

    Luvin’ It. – Evyl

  4. Just so you know I used my skank crack whore in law for inspiration 😉

    I’m sure she will be proud. 😉 – Evyl

  5. mwhhhhhhhhhhhhhaahahahahaha that’s funny right there evyl…
    oh man… ok my try 🙂

    amber has a high pitched voice
    it makes me go gooey
    i pay her all i have
    just to feel her glitterbra do me

    I love the word gooey. It is one of those words that sound like what it should be. – Evyl

  6. Hmm, best I can do on short notice…

    But then there was Lolita who really liked to moan,
    One night, really into it, accidental seeds were sown,
    Nine months later the effing crack whore takes my ass to court,
    Now for a crack-addicted baby, I’m paying child support.

    Okay not so good, but there you go. This is the kind of crap that comes out when your roommate works for DFaCS. LOL.

    Nice. Real Nice. – Evyl

  7. 😆 MJ! Love it!

    So do I. – Evyl

  8. Here’s my shot at the diddy:

    Amber jumped up on the bedpost and screamed “Don’t give me no sass”

    “Just because my clits a dick don’t mean, you can’t do me in the ass”

    So mount up boys and drive it home, on the down low if you find it crass.

    Cuz Ambers hot with crotch rot and she’s gettin’ off at last

    Now that is freaky!!! – Evyl

  9. Damn, I’m pulling for Betina and Willie G. Great job, everybody.

    The Freak Finding Panel of Judges damn sure have their work cut out for them this week. There are some great entries and two more days to go. – Evyl

  10. Dang it I’m not funky enough to *bring it* but oh well.

    These are all kinds of freaky good …& I’m luv’n it. ; )

    It is a good week alright but surely you have something. – Evyl

  11. Amber had a boyfriend in a matching pushup bra

    He peddled his ass and blowjobs for all the smack that he could draw.

    But Amber was all amped on crack and he all mellowed out

    At the end of the night he’d fall asleep with her sucking his trouser trout.

    Great imagery on that one. – Evyl

  12. I was just curious…do you like crack whores with cheese? I do? cheddar anyone?

    It ain’t easy being cheesy. – Evyl

  13. anonypop Says:

    The first and best was Granny, with false teeth out and all
    She’d suck a cock like a pedophile running from the law.
    Then take it up the arse the best when all her sores had popped
    for natural lube is best with a little sore on top.
    She would always be your very last screw for when you were all done
    your weapon would be on the floor and Granny’s job was done.

    That is fuckin’ awesome. – Evyl

  14. I’m sure she’d be insulted….. that’s kinda the point 😉 lmao

    😉 – Evyl

  15. OMG – I can’t get over Anonypop’s verse. It skeeved me out and made me laugh all at the same time.

    That is a very high compliment indeed. – Evyl

  16. Anonypops verse! *shudders*

    Good huh. – Evyl

  17. DarkStar Says:

    But when all is said and done now, I want you all to know,
    Just ’cause my ma was fat and ugly doesn’t mean she was a cow,
    She was the first to blow me, and what a job she did,
    Now I know what all the other trailer trash thought I was their kid.

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