Stretching Out A Bit

A while back Jen, at Cabin in the Sky, asked me to do a guest post. Her site is quite different than mine therefore I was somewhat surprised that she had asked me to do a guest post. She told me that I could post anything that I wished. I decided to dig through my archives of all my blogs and find something that is a little different than everyone might be accustomed to on From Evyl With Love. If you want to maintain the illusion of the full time freaky asshole that I am on this site, it would be best not to go over and see my guest post. But if you would like to see a little something different then click away. Just don’t say that you haven’t been warned.

And I would like to thank Jen for giving me this opportunity to stretch out a bit.

9 Responses to “Stretching Out A Bit”

  1. In my humble opinion, one of the best things you’ve ever written. You truly have a poet’s heart my dear, no joke.

    Thanks Annie. As far as my more serious posts go, it is my fave. – Evyl

  2. I like the softer side of Evyl… 🙂

    Glad that ya liked it. – Evyl

  3. Hey Dok. I appreciated the comment over there. You are one hell of a mutant and a hell of a nice guy. When Jen gets back in action, she will be able to put it up.

  4. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    stories like the one you shared on jen’s blog are the soil from which a good sense of humor grows, and you definitely have a well-developed sense of humor.

    I have a hard time walking away from things in my past the way you describe in that story. I cling to them, partly out of an overdeveloped sense of nostalgia (I was nostalgic for the mid-1980s by 1992, when i was 12, because I realized that all the toys and cartoons of the time sucked in comparison to the ones from the previous decade), and partly because I know that, on some level, those heartaches and personal low points are what made me the mutant I am today, and I don’t want to turn my back on them because I like what they made me into even though I dislike what happened to make me this way.

    Some things are hard to put on the back burner. And you are correct, all that I have been through only makes me who I am today. So I wouldn’t even take back the low points. – Evyl

  5. QueenBitch Says:

    I really like your other side Evyl. I often visit your other blogs, sometimes I dont comment mainly because I dont know what to say. You’re truely amazing.

    Still evyl though.

    Thanks darlin’. You are making me blush. – Evyl

  6. Um, I commented over there. So this comment is just to let you know that you have to go over there to read my real comment. LOL.

    Thanks Teeni. I appreciate it. When Jen gets back she can take it off of comment moderation. I read it and I appreciate it very much. – Evyl

  7. dontdatethatdude Says:

    I really loved that post, left a comment there…Where can I find your other blogs the softer side of Evyl?

    I tried to shoot you an e-mail but the addy that you have on the comment page was wrong and the e-mail daemon sent it back. If you just shoot me your addy then I will e-mail you the link. My addy can be found on my correspondance page. – Evyl

  8. There’s a softer side of Evyl? Did I miss something? Shoot me that addy.

    Can do. – Evyl

  9. Evyl gone soft.
    But I love it.
    Nice job, dude

    Thanks, bud. – Evyl

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