Who Needs A Damned Campfire?


8 Responses to “Who Needs A Damned Campfire?”

  1. She would make it a lot easier for a after sex smoke. No hunting for a lighter just a smack on thee arse and a “light me baby” and your cooking with gas so to speak!

    Truly a woman of many talents, but I am afraid that anal sex is out of the question. Friction burns would be the least of a man’s problems. – Evyl

  2. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    ah, yes, the ancient technique of Pyroflatulation, the Southern Dragon. a peculiar manifestation of the kundalini fire-snake that can either be learned through rigorous training and discipline or, as in my family, just come out that way naturally due to a blend of high methane content and lots of static electricity.

    static buildup can occur due to a combination of ceertain fabrics and untrimmed groin-hair, and a good rule of thumb is don’t put anything shiny directly against your shrubbery.

    Pyroflatulation? Now there’s a kickass word!!! – Evyl

  3. Graham crackers, marshmallows and….CHOCOLATE!

    With just a hint of ass.

    Crazee Tastee!!! – Evyl

  4. Gives “going off like a fire cracker” a whole new meaning 😛

    Or ‘That’s a hot piece of ass.’ – Evyl

  5. oh my god, did you read my post about s’mores? I can’t believe we both wrote about the same thing… sort of, on the same day! (same word, I’m not blowing smoke outta my ass)

    Haven’t read it yet. I’ll go check it out. And ‘blowing smoke outta my ass’, now that’s funny. – Evyl

  6. Oh My!

    Indeed. – Evyl

  7. giving “sex like burning” a whole new meaning…

    BOC’s, I’m Burning for You, could be her theme song. – Evyl

  8. a bit chunky aren’t they?

    It’s called flava. – Evyl

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