Freak Of The Week Winner: Return Of The Freak

The Freak Finding Panel of Judges had one hell of a time sorting through the great batch of entries to this weeks contest. In the end only one entry could be judged the freakiest. This week, I am proud to announce that Anonypop has been judged this weeks Freak Of The Week. His added verse to ‘Crackwhores Think I’m Sexy’ was fantastically freakish. Congrats Anonypop, You will now be immortalized for all posterity on the Freak of the Week page as an inspiration to us all. Anonypop doesn’t have a blog of his own but I would encourage everyone to go over to The Nook of Oz and congratulate Maureen on being married to such a fabulous freak. I am sure that both congratulations and condolences would be equally accepted. Now, here is the song all put together and ready to be recorded for mass audiences everywhere.


Crackwhores think I’m sexy, Some folks think that’s sick

Speccially when their teeth fall out as their suckin’ on my dick.

Crackwhores think I’m sexy, I kinda like it that way

I’m always gettin’ lucky even if I have to pay.

Crackwhores think I’m sexy and their not the only ones

Crackwhores think I’m sexy and so does your mom.

First Verse

I remember that gal named Amber, in a glittery push up bra.

Her handjobs were divine and her bj’s were quite the draw.

And let me tell ya fellers, she’d be rich and fancy free

If that gal named Amber only had a woman’s pussy.

Repeat Chorus

Winning Verse

The first and best was Granny, with false teeth out and all
She’d suck a cock like a pedophile running from the law.
Then take it up the arse the best when all her sores had popped
for natural lube is best with a little sore on top.
She would always be your very last screw for when you were all done
your weapon would be on the floor and Granny’s job was done.

Repeat Chorus

Thanks for all of your great entries. And if you didn’t win don’t be sad. You are all winning freaks in my eyes. Better luck next week. Now feel free to go over to the Freak of The Week page for my little ode to this week’s winning freak.

13 Responses to “Freak Of The Week Winner: Return Of The Freak”

  1. I don’t know whether to be proud of him or kill him!
    Probably the former God love him!
    He’s gonna be SO chuffed…you’re his internet hero!

    He should be proud. That was one hell of an entry. – Evyl

  2. Nice verse and congratulations Anonypop. And umm, errr commiserations Anonymum :))

  3. lmao – well deserved for that gem of a verse! 😆

  4. Congrats!
    Dip him in bronze and stick him in the crystal cabinet Mo 😛 😉

  5. Congrats to Anonypop! A well deserved win indeed…. very freaky!

  6. @ Jayne

    I have considered getting some parts of him bronzed!

  7. Well, this is not a surprise. After I read his verse I just couldn’t see anyone being able to top it. Nice job to Anonypop. He needs a blog. Even if it’s just a mini blog. I get the feeling he doesn’t say much but when he does, it’s a doozy. 🙂

    He does need a spot on the ‘sphere. And when I talked about his e-mails, I meant it. He sends some killer ones. – Evyl

  8. Ah – congrats to the winner! *bowing*

    There is always next week. I will have the new contest up Thursday. Good luck. – Evyl

  9. Anonypop, a freak? Bloody Oath!!!!
    Morky wrote the book on freaks, I am quite sure of that.
    Now to get him to do a post for me . . . . :mrgreen:

  10. Congrats, Morky!!!!

  11. LMFAO… The man is filth on a stick. What a man! *swoons*

  12. I thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts but especially the judges.
    It is truly a honor to be named Freak of the week and i will always cherish it.
    morky knows i’m a sick bastard but may be i should start blogging? As for filth on a stick i don’t let the doc there let alone a stick I don”t think so.

  13. Yay for A-Pop! He’s a pissah! LOL.

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