How The Fuck Would He Know

I saw a promo for the upcoming show, “How To Look Good Naked“. Although I heartily agree with the premise of the show. I really have to wonder at their choice of host. For every size and shape of a females naked body from a boyish waif-like figure to a plus size, I can guarentee that there is a man out there that will consider that size and shape to be their exact cup of tea. So a show that attempts to get women to shed their fear and body hatred and realize that when it comes to a naked women it’s all good, has my whole hearted approval. But why the fuck would you choose to pick the most flaming of the Queer Eye Guys, Carson Kressly, to host this show? Wouldn’t his idea of how to look good naked for a woman include a strap on cock?

Here are just a few ideas on alternate hosts:

  • Tommy Lee – He’s crude, tattooed and knows his way with naked women. Any naked woman will look even better in comparison to this ugly rocker. Look what it did for Pam Anderson.
  • Ron Jeremy – Living proof that you don’t have to be attractive to be successful naked.
  • Charlie Sheen – With the number of prostitutes that he has seen naked, surely he has some good tips.
  • Melissa Etheridge – Not only does she appreciate naked women, I bet she could write one hell of a theme song for the show.
  • Barack Obama – If he doesn’t get elected perhaps he could work with naked women. He’s all about change isn’t he?

14 Responses to “How The Fuck Would He Know”

  1. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    Carson’s not there to help women shed their doubts and realize that, to the right man, their size and shape already looks good naked. he is there to persuade them to spend lots of time and money on exercise programs, skin-care products, and such as a way of swee-ttalking women into punishing themselves for not meeting cable-tv’s standards of good-looking.

    I say we just distract him with a room full of giant jiggling jello penises and the let there be boobs!

    ‘Let There Be Boobs’ would be one hell of an alternate title for this show. – Evyl

  2. Give Charlie Sheen the job and I’d actually watch the damn show!

    Ratings might be quite a bit higher with Sheen. – Evyl

  3. I think they should give the job to you darlin’! It wouldn’t matter what shape or size they were, I’m convinced you’d make them feel good…

    I’d take it. – Evyl

  4. I agree with Mum… you have my vote! 😛

    Thanks darlin’. I’d luv the job. – Evyl

  5. dontdatethatdude Says:

    I also thought, WTF? When I saw who they had hosting the show. I love your take on this and the way you thought to express. I also agree, you should be the host!

    Thanks. Maybe we should start an e-mail campaign. – Evyl

  6. seriously, the show has a great idea. but that guy makes me nervous and i wont watch anything where he is allowed to open his mouth.

    I’m scared of what will come out when he opens his mouth. – Evyl

  7. I think Ellen DeGeneris would be great – not only does she love women’s bodies but she could probably laugh them out of any inhibitions and body hatred. The queer eye guy – yep, weird choice. I suspect they may have some upcoming movie or special or something and want to create some buzz about him. Now…if the show was about naked guys…

    It might be tough to pry her from Portia. – Evyl

  8. oh come on guys…it may turn out to be a great heartwarming show…ya right!

    It might warm more than the heart if done right. – Evyl

  9. I’ve never watched the show though I have seen previews. I still have a lot more weight to lose ( I’ve lost 84 lbs) before I will even look at myself naked. I’ve seen Ron naked, no thanks.. I’d like Charlie Sheen as host as long as he was naked (even semi naked). I love 2 1/2 Men. That’s the funniest damn show.

    You are an inspiration my dear. – Evyl

  10. Sheesh – it’s bad enough we gotta worry about how we look when we’re dressed. I, for one, do not want some guy who has more fashion sense than me (not to mention prefers male bodies over females) judging my body! LOL.

    Truth. – Evyl

  11. I think they should get Billy Connolly, Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy to all co host the bloody show but i don’t think they would get to many people to want to be on it. It would be a bloody funny show and would top the comedy ratings i think.

    Billy would be great at it. – Evyl

  12. Actually, I watched that show when it was on here and LOVED it. And loved Carson as the choice. But each to their own I guess lool

    I’ll catch it Tuesday and see for myself. – Evyl

  13. lol even

    🙂 – Evyl

  14. Virgil Hart Says:

    I don’t really look at women when I fuck them anyway.

    I have known instances where that could be the best course of action. – Evyl

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