Just Can’t Have Too Much Bush

Just thought that I would post a little LOL pic to help kick off more Freak of the Week Fun.

9 Responses to “Just Can’t Have Too Much Bush”

  1. “…Sandy discovers where her brother Norman hid his pet raccoon.”

    Hiding things in plain sight often is the best place. – Evyl

  2. Poor bloody Dwarf! He has been flattened down to paper thin.No wonder she ls pulling that face. Although his mouth would be in the right place.

    Dwarfs get all the breaks. – Evyl

  3. She knew “kissing cousins” was wrong, but her secret was out when Cousin Itt left some evidence behind.

    Now that is hilarious. I can hear the fingers snapping in the background. – Evyl

  4. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    vote for bush!

    Behold the power of Bush. – Evyl

  5. there’s an iraqi woman down there, right?
    Damn . . .

    And people wonder why they wear burkha’s. – Evyl

  6. that’s a drawing right? I want to believe it’s not real….(sorry I had to say “I Want To Believe” because I’m hyped up for the new X-Files flick..haha.. geek-alert 😉 )

    😉 – Evyl

  7. Aww hecks no!

    Ohh, hells yeah! – Evyl

  8. choke alert!

    It should come with a hazard label as well as a nutritional label. – Evyl

  9. someone needs a bush hog
    have I ever mentioned my nicname is bush-hog?

    Gotta luv it. – Evyl

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