Sharing HUGS

I rarely take a serious stance on anything here. It is not the reason that I created this blog and I like to keep it as a home to my twisted view on life and small attempts at humor. But today, I would like to show support for a cause that I think is well deserved and in the process help out a fellow blogger.

MJ at ‘Note to Self’ is taking part in a blogathon that is supporting HUGS. Hugs is the work of Police Wives Online and provides support for the surviving family and loved ones of law officers killed in the line of duty.

I would urge everyone to go and visit MJ throughout the week and if possible donate to a good cause. My thanks to all that help support this cause. And a special thanks to MJ, for bringing awareness to this worthy cause.

4 Responses to “Sharing HUGS”

  1. seriously. its an amazing cause.. thanks!

    And Thank You. – Evyl

  2. Thanks Evyl, for not being so, well, evil today.
    Feel free to ask a favor in the future. Kudos!

    You are welcome MJ. I hope the blogathon is a success. – Evyl

  3. Abso-fucking-lutely it’s a worthy cause!
    Good on ya for mentioning it, Evyl 😉

    Thanks, darlin’. – Evyl

  4. That’s a good cause. I had a friend that was a cop, he got shot point blank in a domestic violence call. It was weird because he had left L.A. because it was so dangerous & moved out to a small country town because it was safe. Unfortunately, he was the 1st officer shot in that town. We’d been friends since childhood.

    I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Safety is hard to find anywhere in the world today. – Evyl

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