Freak Of The Week Winner: Week 11

After all the kudos and votes for one particular entry from the readers, the freak finding panel of judges decided to say fuck it. They then got liquored up on Mickey’s Big Mouth Malt Liquor and tequila shots and decided to play naked twister. Believe me when I say it was not pretty and being teabagged while reaching for a yellow square should not be a reason to bite a guy in the ‘nads. Okay, enough said on that subject.

The Freak of the Week winner by an overwhelming choice of the great freaks and friends is the awesomely freakish Ozymandaiz. Congrats Ozy, You are this weeks Freak of the Week. I would urge all you freaks and friends to go over and congratulate Ozy on a freakishly great entry. He truly is a freak and I should know as we have been blogging for quite a while and I have been an avid reader of his blog for nearly as long as he has been blogging. And don’t forget to head over and witness my little ode to the Freak known as Ozy on the Freak of the Week page.

And my thanks to everyone that entered. You are all awesome and a freak of the week in my eyes. Now if my nuts would only quit throbbing all will be well.

9 Responses to “Freak Of The Week Winner: Week 11”

  1. I’m a weiner
    I’m a weiner
    I mean winner
    I’m a winner
    and I just posted one that will speak to your heart, Evyl

    I loved it dude. – Evyl

  2. Congrats, Ozymandiaz 🙂
    Love Porcelain Pain 😀

  3. Congrats to Ozy! A freaky weiner indeed! 😀

  4. Congrats to Ozymandiaz. It was a freakishly winning entry. There was never a question once that thing was published. LOL.

  5. Hi Ozymandiaz,


    the Grit

  6. dontdatethatdude Says:

    Congrats Ozymandiaz, you had my vote! And Evyl being teabagged in anyway, shape or form is indeed a reason for some nut chomping!

    Don’t be a hater. 😉 – Evyl

  7. Man i totally missed this week comp although after reading ozzys entry i dont think i would have stood a chance!!

    Congrats ozzy! you are one sick freak

  8. Yayyyy MrOzzzzzzy!

  9. seriously. that guys a freak. someone buy him a steak. or an ice pack..

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