Give That Fish A Klondike Bar

This week is Discovery Channels, ‘Shark Week’. Normally I wouldn’t give a shit but something has happened that really makes ‘Shark Week’ special for me. That blubbering idiot Ryan Seacrest was bit by a shark. Reports are that it wasn’t a severe bite and the bonehead is still slinging his shit on the radio so it isn’t all good. But I do think the shark deserves some extra chum for the attempt. If the shit in his body is anything like the air-headed shit that he speaks on the air, that shark probably had to lick a tuna’s ass to get the taste out of his mouth.

Boo Creepy Ryan Seacrest!!! Hooray Shark!!!

9 Responses to “Give That Fish A Klondike Bar”

  1. LOL. I get the feeling there is no love lost on Mr. Seacrest in your corner. C’mon. Tell us how you really feel. 😉

    I have no personal animosity towards Mr. Seacrest. I just really hate his hairstyle. I’m just spiteful like that. – Evyl

  2. I betcha Ryan Seacrest tastes like bland semen and abject failure. Maybe with touch of unfathomable luck.

    Unfathomable luck is most likely correct. I wonder what ever happened to that other fucktard that co-hosted with Seacrest in the first season of Idol. My guess is the same thing that would have happened if Seacrest would have been canned that first season. Gay Porn. – Evyl

  3. Ryan Seacrest is the chum that shark’s reject?

    Hells Yeah!!! – Evyl

  4. i dont know why the shark bothered i thought ryan would taste all plastic like. Also whenever i hear someone talkin about sharks i instantly think of shark porn. from friends?

    Everything makes me think of some type of porn. – Evyl

  5. I’m sure there is a reason that the shark didn’t eat more of him. At first I thought it would be a good idea to take him fishing, stick a big hook in him a trole for sharks but apperantly they can’t stand him either.
    But really, people still listen to him? I thought for sure bu now obscurity had consumed him.

    One would hope that obscurity will eat his ass one of these days. – Evyl

  6. Ryan secret + gay porn !!! WHY !!!!

    The world may never know. – Evyl

  7. omg, i’m dying here. give that shark some extra chum 🙂 ha! ha! ha! not a seacrest fan?

    Anne out!

    Not so much. It’s his hair. It’s scary. – Evyl

  8. “I betcha Ryan Seacrest tastes like bland semen and abject failure. Maybe with touch of unfathomable luck.”

    That is beautiful. Far fucking out. I’m in awe.

  9. 😆 You crack me up.

    Thank ya!!! – Evyl

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