Blowin’ In The Wind

The NBA has earmarked six names for a new NBA team in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The six names that they have registered include: Barons, Bison, Energy, Marshall’s, Thunder, and Wind. Personally I think that they should combine two of the names, Thunder and Wind, and create a new name. The Oklahoma City Flatulence. Because the news that Oklahoma City will have it’s own NBA team is just that to me; an ill wind that precedes a big fucking turd.

4 Responses to “Blowin’ In The Wind”

  1. Hi Evyl,

    I say add another name from the list and go with Bison Flatulence which, in case you haven’t experienced it, is powerful enough to knock a person down at 20 feet.

    the Grit

    Haven’t been downwind of one of those. – Evyl

  2. “Thunderwind – tis a foul wind that blows no good in the NBA.

    That’s what I’m thinking. – Evyl

  3. OK City gets an NBA team? Whaaa…?
    What is there like a hundered people living there or something?
    Why not give them a more honest name that kinda rhymes with the Sooners and call them the Oklahoma City Loosers.

    Actually OK City is the largest city in the US in area. Which is total bullshit as when you hit the OK City city limit sign you are still 20 miles from civilization. – Evyl

  4. Hi Evyl,

    And you should attempt to keep it that way.

    the Grit

    Will do. – Evyl

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