So That’s What He’s Thinking About

About once every week or so, I go throught the old Akismit Spam-box and check out what’s to be found there. Today, I checked it out and damn, this post caught a shit load of Spam. I even caught some spam on the post from some spambot calling itself, ‘The Mind of Christ.’

Now I have heard that Christ is all about love but come on. Does JC really need to comment on a post about BJ’s?

13 Responses to “So That’s What He’s Thinking About”

  1. That’s funny!

    Thanks darlin’. – Evyl

  2. I’ve read that Hayzoos liked to snowball after a good BJ.

    Left that out of the New Testament, of course.

    That would fall under the turn the other cheek philosophy. Which closely follows the reach around philosophy. – Evyl

  3. B.E. Earl – That’s naughty!! *giggles*

  4. Yes, yes he does need to comment, Evyl.
    He needs to judge whether performance and technique have improved any since his time.
    And he probably has some pointers he’s been dying to pass on 😛

    It’s kinda like communion in a way. – Evyl

  5. And now I’m going to Hell…that handbasket better be lined with ermine!

    It will be good to be in such good company. – Evyl

  6. Ermine makes my butt itch.

    Need someone to scratch for ya? – Evyl

  7. Becuase Jesus needs lovin too
    Maybe because of this

    That very may well be. – Evyl

  8. Spambots are fun 🙂
    and, im sure, jesus loved him a good BJ- consdering there was no porn back then, poor things..

    p.s. Me+jewish= allowed to be blasphemous. I have decided 🙂

  9. lifesstory Says:

    It’s all because you said “for Christ’s sake” in your post. I get this stuff all the time cuz it’s “word” driven when you get those spam-o-naters. It’s JC’s way of finding you.

    True. – Evyl

  10. Hi Sarah,

    Actually, porn was rampant back then, it just wasn’t as technologically advanced. For instance, look up the history of Roman coins and you should be able to find examples of the ones used to pay their soldiers stationed in foreign countries. Many of them showed pictures of various sex acts and were redeemable at government approved brothels for exactly that. Sure the Romans were murderous bastards, but they knew how to keep the troops happy.

    the Grit

    Actually Romans were fairly late comers as far as porn is concerned. The truly ancient were into drawing BBW drawings on cave walls. – Evyl

  11. grit,
    I love to learn new things:)
    interesting stuff. we should re-implement some nekked currency for stip club use 🙂

  12. Hi Sarah,

    I’m full of generally useless information. One day, with a bit of luck, I’ll find myself in the midst of a space alien invasion where some trivial fact I know will save the planet. Well, really, one can dream!

    As to the money thing, while I think it’s a good idea, and I’m sure most members of our Government would like to get their claws on a piece of the strip club industry, I suspect that there are lots of people who would say nay to the idea. You know them, the inbred spawn of the idiots who pushed Prohibition through.

    the Grit

  13. And the Spam continues to amaze . . .

    Don’t it though. – Evyl

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