A Little Green Jello Helps Me Sleep

A nice little bedtime story for those having a hard time sleeping. Nighty Night.

5 Responses to “A Little Green Jello Helps Me Sleep”

  1. When this vid came out on MTV, I didn’t notice when the first little pig moved to Hollywood the sign that said, ‘Her Thing Had Teeth.’ I must have been basted or something because that is damned funny.

  2. Ah…back when the Headbanger’s Ball meant stayin’ in on Saturday night. Or getting drunk in front of the TV. Something like that.

    Something much like drunk. – Evyl

  3. This brings back some great memories!!

    I’m glad that it did. – Evyl

  4. awwwww:) i feel old…
    but a little more content!

    You old? Nah!!! – Evyl

  5. ha ha. I remember this song – hadn’t seen the animation before though – funny!

    Glad ya liked it. It brings back some crazy times for me. – Evyl

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