Tips From A Trannie: Keeping Freshy Fresh

Pre-Op Trangender Jenny says, ‘On those hot and humid days, when you tuck your junk it can lead to extra ball funk so make sure and spritz on some extra perfume.’

11 Responses to “Tips From A Trannie: Keeping Freshy Fresh”

  1. I guess I’ll just file that info away with all the other trivia in my head that I never get to use. But it’s nice to know you are looking out for people by providing this information. 🙂

    That’s me. It is all about serving the wants and needs of the blogging community. – Evyl

  2. Ok… thanks for that. 😀

    You’re welcome. – Evyl

  3. Eww… I just noticed the little “extra” in the photo…

    I’m all about the little extras. – Evyl

  4. Thank you, I was wondering what to do about my obscene ball funk of late, and it seemed no solution was presenting itself. My situation seemed rather dire, I was worried my ball funk was going to get out of control, but alas, the solution is clear.

    Glad to be of help. – Evyl

  5. Or maybe that Febreze stuff that refreshes gym equipment and stinky shoes…LOL

    It just might work. – Evyl

  6. ball funk .. no need for ball funk.
    great pic .. i get a laugh everytime i see it.

    Me too. Maybe I could come up with a weekly trannie post and get away with using it once a week. – Evyl

  7. oh no…mwhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahaha

    Thanks for the sweet evil laugh. – Evyl

  8. that was fantastic..
    i will definitely pass that along 🙂

    Thanks darlin’. – Evyl

  9. great pic .. i get a laugh everytime i see it.
    Is a laugh all you get???

    I’m so glad I’m not american.

    So am I. BTW, thanks for popping in. – Evyl

  10. Betcha Jenni can do the post-hot-shower helicopter dance

    (Chicks think that is so suave)

    Rico Suave. – Evyl

  11. lifesstory Says:

    Looks like she’s holding at least a B cup down below. Whoa.

    It’s not a great tuck job. – Evyl

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