Famous Asshole Quotes: Yes That Is A Gun In My Pocket

You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun. – Al Capone

You can go all the way to the top of blogsearch lists with a smile, a semi-automatic rifle, and gratuitous nudity in the same post. – Pure Evyl

19 Responses to “Famous Asshole Quotes: Yes That Is A Gun In My Pocket”

  1. 😆

    And don’t forget to mention… fake tits…. 😀 Sorry, to be a downer…..but her nipples are just not in the right spot… it looks very odd.

    It’s not the best nipple placement in the world but nipples towards the top would work a little easier for some positions. – Evyl

  2. I agree with Girly.

    My jigglies are that big and the nipples are at the bottom, not dead centre.

    Nice to know. 😉 – Evyl

  3. hahaha that is very good to know…a killer combination to hike up the blog-search lists 😉

    Combinations that make a good post for search engines baffle me. A particular Weekly Search Roundup post of mine garners well over a hundred hits a day. I have no idea why that particular post had just the right combo of twisted phrases. – Evyl

  4. Good heavens! She would never drown with that much plastic.

    If a plane ever went down, I would say the hell with the airline cushion and use her as a floatation device. It would make for a much more enjoyable crash. – Evyl

  5. You don’t go out barechest with a gun unless you got steel planted in your big breasts.

    Her’s might be made out of Kevlar and not silicone after all. – Evyl

  6. Is it sad that I’ve been staring at that pic to try to figure out what movie poster that is in the background?

    I don’t know what it is either. If you figure it out let me know. – Evyl

  7. Shes not really smiling.. kind of ruins the effect.

    I’m the one smiling. 🙂 – Evyl

  8. LOL yes weird boobies right there… she needs a new plastic surgeon 😉

    She should choose a little more wisely next time. – Evyl

  9. and somebody should tell her that it’s not safe to point a gun at herself hehe 🙂

    what’s that saying?… jealousy makes you nasty? i think us girls are just jealous…

    Could be. – Evyl

  10. Yeah, the nipples are freakin me out. Wait, did you say there’s a gun in the picture?

    Yeppers. – Evyl

  11. Ya know, one of my favorite kinds of nudity is gratuitous.
    And personaly I have no concern as to whether or not her breasts or gun are fakes
    although I suppose if she pointed them at me the gun issue may become paramount

    You speak truth. – Evyl

  12. I’m trying to decide what would come out of those if she accidentally shot one. I’m guessing not blood….

    On a side note – that’s what I look like, only mine are real and I carry a .38.
    Let’s see how much traffic that brings me from your blog 😀

    It should get you quite a few, I would imagine. – Evyl

  13. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    the gun’s probably as fake as her breasts

    Probly. – Evyl

  14. haha. that al copone quote is one of my favs.
    And the girl is not so cute. her boobies are big though, so i guess people dont look at her face…

    I believe she is more about the facials than the face. – Evyl

  15. I’ve never seen boobies that look more like eyeballs in my life…!

    Freaky, huh? – Evyl

  16. Great plastic job. Can’t find sunglasses like that just any old place. 😉

    True. – Evyl

  17. Just shoot me.

    It’s a love gun. – Evyl

  18. her nipples are probably up that high so she can lick them herself.

    Now that’s cool. – Evyl

  19. Poor muzzle discipline

    But then again, she’s used to pointing the business end at her face 😉

    True. – Evyl

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