Freak Of The Week: Week 13

This week finds the Freak Finding Panel of Judges on strike. This week they demanded five hundred dollars for their services. They explained to me that it was getting to be such a stressful job in picking a winner that they would need to deliberate in a stress-free environment. Therefore they needed five hundred dollars in lap dance money so they could deliberate at the Boom Boom Caberet.

I refuse to bow down to their terroristic demands. Especially since the pervs and skanks didn’t invite me. So in order to hold the contest to give me leverage in being able to attend the Boom Boom Cabaret with them I had to think of a contest that would judge itself.

This week your assignment should you choose to accept it and join the illustrious ranks of the Winning Freaks of the Week is to simply ask your readers and anyone else that would vote for you to come and vote for you in the comment box. The most votes win.  Good Luck and may the Freakiest Freak win. And to all of those that enter, I give my deep gratitude and appreciation, your votes will ensure my trip to the Boom Boom Cabaret.

46 Responses to “Freak Of The Week: Week 13”

  1. Oh! Fun! 😀

    I hope so or the panel of judges won’t let me live it down. – Evyl

  2. so cute!!!
    i vote for… for…. i dont know yet.
    whos bribing?

    We shall have to wait and see. – Evyl

  3. I vote for Pure Evyl because he’s always a sick freak.

    I thank you but really I can’t be freak of the week, I’m the everyday freak. – Evyl

  4. I vote for Pure Evyl because I have been itching to blow him a kiss.

    I thank you but really I can’t be freak of the week, I’m the everyday freak. – Evyl

  5. I will vote for Pure Evyl even if he is a pain in the ass.

    I thank you but really I can’t be freak of the week, I’m the everyday freak. – Evyl

  6. Pure Evyl is our man with the plan.

    I thank you but really I can’t be freak of the week, I’m the everyday freak. – Evyl

  7. It’s gotta be Evyl Man.

    I thank you but really I can’t be freak of the week, I’m the everyday freak. – Evyl

  8. Glad to see I am not the freak of the week! haha

    I might get a campaign going for you just out of pure spite. – Evyl

  9. Oh! We can vote for Evyl? I vote for Evyl, then! All the way with Evyl!! Well, that’s just a figure of speech, you know what I mean! LOL. heh. **turns red and runs out of the room**

    You said that you wouldn’t tell. 😉 – Evyl

  10. crazyassdan Says:

    I see some votes for evyl but it is my belief that the freak of the week should be his mom. I hope those of you that read the comments will agree with me and vote for her. My viral campain on Evyl’s mom will begin soon.

    Dan you are one sick fuck. And that is a truly endearing quality. – Evyl

  11. Everyone is voting for you, dude.
    Fuck that.
    I vote for me.
    And fuck you if you don’t like it. :mrgreen:

    Like I always say, if you can’t vote for yourself how can you expect anyone else to. – Evyl

  12. crazyassdan Says:

    Join the viral campaign on Evyl’s mom and vote for her as freak of the week.

    Evyl’s mom is so freakishly hairy that she has side burns on her tits.

    Evyl’s mom is such a freaky slut she was nicknamed Twinkie because she loved being filled with cream.
    Evyl’s mom is so freakishly nasty the she is like a goalie and only chages her pad once ever three periods.
    Evyl’s mom is so freakishly old she used to Gang Bang with the Flintstones and had an affair with Captain Caveman
    Evyl’s mom is so freakishly dumb when I told her to go fuck herself she said with what.
    Evyl’s mom is so freakishly fat she masterbates to cookbooks.

    That’s just wrong dude on so many levels. – Evyl

  13. Evyl’s mom probably really should be Freak of the Year but only because she’s the Mother of All that is Freaky – you know – Evyl himself! She definitely deserves an award for bringing our freaky friend into existence so I guess I’m gonna have to go with CrazyAssDan on that, even if he is crazy. 😉

    He’s crazy alright. – Evyl

  14. I’m voting for you Evyl cuz you deserve a vacay buddy – even if it is just down to the local tittie bar. 😉

    Thanks, darlin’. – Evyl

  15. LOL. I’m so fickle. First I vote for Evyl, then his mom. Maybe I’ll just change my vote to be for Annie. Good thing I don’t live in Florida. 😯 hehee

    Perhaps you could start a Vote for Annie campaign. – Evyl

  16. I’m still chuckling over what Michael wrote. That took some balls to go against this raging crowd of Evyl Lovers, that I’m voting for myself, uh, err, I mean, I’m voting for Michael 😉

    Vote for Michael is duly noted. – Evyl

  17. Evyl, I would vote for you, but I know you already have a “big head” as it is. *innuendo* 😉

    I’m pretty determined to be Freak of the Week one week, but I’m just not good enough at self-promotion as you are. So I’ll have to vote for Sarah waaaaaaaaaay up there in the comment list (the #2 commenter). I mean, have you seen the picture of her tongue on her blog?

    An excellent vote. – Evyl

  18. I vote for your mom she is the freakest lesbain I know.

    I thought that you were? Go figger. – Evyl

  19. Your mom gives me more then a rise in the polls. She is true freak of the week material.

    Tell me the truth Barack. Hillary conceded you more than the election didn’t she. – Evyl

  20. Well I DO live in FLorida and these damn ballots with all these “chad” thingies are confusing me.
    I thought about voting for Evyl’s mom but she mummbled something to me so I pulled it out of her mouth and asked her what the hell she said “thanks for flipping me around cuzz my ass was getting sore” and I said “what the hell has that to do with anything?” and shoved it back in before she wasted any more of my time…
    where was I going with this?
    Oh, yea, straight to hell.
    see you there
    I vote for Phats cuzz I figure the best man for the job is the one who doesn’t want it

    Phats would be a great choice. – Evyl

  21. Well, once Tila Tequila and Barack Obama start agreeing on things then it must be law.

    Evyl’s mom it is.

    I am thinking of voting for Paris after her election vid. As both Pres. and Freak. – Evyl

  22. Hi Evyl,

    I’m voting for Writer Chick and the 7 Voices In My Head are voting for me, except for #4, who is voting for Girly.

    the Grit

    Cool. – Evyl

  23. To the 4th voice in the Grits head…… *lick* 😀

  24. Hi Girly,

    Really, for the sake of humanity, you shouldn’t encourage him 😉

    the Grit

  25. My musical inspiration comes from your mom and I decided to create Amaerica’s got Talent after a hot steamy night with your mom. Let me tell you she has talent so she is defenately my vote for freak of the week.

  26. I’m Rick James bitch!!!

    I’ve come back from the grave to fuck your momma cause she is one freaky lady and my vote for freak of the week.

  27. I was going to be Ray Charles (maybe Steven Hawking)
    but fuck it . . . {throwing up hands}
    Maybe I could send you a check . . . :mrgreen:

    I would never take a bribe. Except for booze, cash, or midget sex. – Evyl

  28. I was requested to vote for Evyl’s mom, so I shall.

    I heard a rumor that Evyl’s mom’s mouth was so big she went down on the Titanic.

  29. Hey, aren’t there rules that the writer of the post is ineligible?
    Just wondering.
    btw- how short do you like ’em?

    As short as they make ’em. – Evyl

  30. how interesting!!


    I’m sorry, but I have to vote for CrazyDan after his campaign for Evyl’s mum (no offence to your mom Evyl)

    Your vote is duly noted. – Evyl

  31. I vote Michael.

  32. Umm . . I think it should go to . . Michael.

  33. My vote goes to Michael.

  34. Michael gets my vote.

  35. I think Michael should get it.

  36. Michael kicks ass. My vote goes to him.

  37. I think Michael deserves it.

  38. Michael should get it this week. Vote for him !

  39. ha! I got distracted.

    Michael gets my vote. Again.

  40. I think . . . Michael should win.

  41. hedonbutch Says:

    Well I’m voting for Red, strictly as a nod for the ballot box stuffing. Anybody willing to stuff deserves a vote from somebody.

    I’m always willing to stuff her box. 😉 – Evyl

  42. heh, just for that, Evyl, I’ll throw a vote your way 😉

    I was hoping that you would like that. – Evyl

  43. crazyassdan Says:

    I vote for your mom

  44. crazyassdan Says:

    I vote for your mom because that’s the way I roll

  45. Hi Evyl,

    I just heard from my usually unreliable source that everyone in China, including those attending the Olympic Games, voted for me, but the Communists won’t allow them to access your site. So that would be 1,000,050,000 votes.

    the Grit

  46. Hi I have to say I think I feel what you are saying there – spot on. Favourited

    Treatment for Genital Warts

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