Putting The OMG In The Olympics

With all this talk of China’s cheating by using 13 and 14 year old girls disguised as 16 year olds, I am wondering. Are all those pervs that slobber over these junior bendy chicks having even greater self loathing now that it isn’t nearly legal girls but really young girls?

8 Responses to “Putting The OMG In The Olympics”

  1. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    i saw the preeteens china was trying to pass for 16, and even I could tell they were closer to 12. any ephebophile (teen-fetishist, one who slobbers over nearly-legals), being a connoisseur of all things teen, would be even quicker to notice that these little gymnasts were packin’ fake IDs and probably hadn’t hit puberty yet.

    the pedos probably liked it, though. while the law does not distinguish between barely-underage and way-underage once an inappropriate act is committed, psychology does distinguish between attraction to teenagers (who are, in some cases, sexually active people themselves) and attraction to children.

    It is a fascinatingly disgusting subject. – Evyl

  2. I can totally tell a 12 year old naked Asian girl from a 16 year old naked Asian girl.

    What? You weren’t asking about naked Asian girls? My bad.

    Whoopsy. – Evyl

  3. hmmm just leave it to the asians, how desperate can a nation be?!

    a close family member of mine has a thing for young pre teen girls, i found out about it quite by accident, truly shocking and disgusting to realize why this particular guy always loves playing with the kids at family gatherings… and as always he was the LAST one i would suspect this of… so, beware pedos are everywhere!

    They are found everywhere. It is a shame. – Evyl

  4. I imagine those people don’t care either way.
    I think it’s interesting that an entire nation is teaching these young girls to lie – and to the entire world no less.

    Good parenting… good stuff…

    Ain’t it though. – Evyl

  5. uuuummmm…aren’t they like a ‘free’ country now??? so…uuummmm…the government wouldn’t have any involvement in this…right??? And when caught about it…they seem to be in shock???
    Yeah! Right!
    If anyone believes that…I got a nice lake front house with an indoor pool for sale…very reasonable price :p

    Eat some beans and you can have an indoor jacuzzi. – Evyl

  6. Hey evyl…I hope ya don’t mind, your post is the perfect spot for me to advertise a job position that is open here…
    Job position open only to pedos…Target holding position
    Apply behind the bulls eye 🙂

    Hope you get a steady stream of employees. – Evyl

  7. its a good thing were gonna start warring with them soon. teach those little girls a lesson that lying is wrong.

    Hells yeah!!! – Evyl

  8. I doubt it – because the slobbering pervs couldn’t care less if it is little girls, puppy dogs or babies, right? Or do I have the wrong pervs?

    Not the puppies, Ohhh the humanity. – Evyl

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