Warning: It Could Be The Drugs

I had been feeling more and more like dog-shit through the weekend. Today I left work early and went to the clinic. It seems that I have an upper respiratory infection. I got a shot in the hip and a prescription for an antibiotic. When the doc went to prescribe me a cough suppressant, she started writing down those damn pearl cough pills. I let her know that those pills are like freakin’ tic-tac’s and do not do a thing for my cough. Low and behold she relented and prescribed me a kick ass cough syrup. (Codeine and Promethazine)

SomeΒ of the side effects of this lovely elixer are confusion, agitation, hallucinations, and unusual thought or behavior. So if in the next few days some of my posts or comments leave you wondering, it’s the drugs. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Most likely even if I exhibit these side effects no one will notice. They pretty much describe my usual style.

21 Responses to “Warning: It Could Be The Drugs”

  1. Enjoy the drugs, honey. πŸ™‚

    So far so good. – Evyl

  2. Aww, I hope you feel better soon! But in the meantime it might be neat to see what kind of poetry we can get out of you! πŸ˜‰

    Hopefully one will come to me tonight in a tremulous dream. – Evyl

  3. Yes. Poetry!

    It could happen. – Evyl

  4. Ok, this may be crossing a boundary, but fuck it, you walked right into this one, and when again, in my ENTIRE life will I be able to share this loverly information with you.

    Courtesy of http://www.urbandictionary.com

    SIZZURP – (Original Formula)

    Promethazine w/Codeine syrup
    Any fruit flavored soda
    A jolly rancher

    Put it all in a styrofoam cup and enjoy. The codeine is mainly responsible for the euphoria felt after drinking sizzurp. Promethazine causes motor skill impairment, lethargy, and extreme drowsiness. If it doesn’t have promethazine, it ain’t real sizzurp.

    DXM is not a component of sizzurp, although it may produce vaguely similar effects to the above recipe in doses ranging from 150 – 250 mg.

    I drank a deuce (2 oz.) of sizzurp and got straight folded.

    Always here to help with your intoxication…have fun sippin’ on ur sizzurp
    LMAO πŸ˜€

    I think I shall take a couple of shots and sleep this shit off. – Evyl

  5. Yeah, sounds like a custom made cocktail just for you. LOL. Seriously though honey, take care of yourself. Otay?

    Will do. – Evyl

  6. Hope you are better soon and back on top of things again. Was wondering why you were so into clouds……… πŸ˜› lol

    Thanks darlin’. – Evyl

  7. Oooo, nothing like a good drug to make you confused, agitated and hallucinate. Have fun. Hope you feel better real soon!

    Thanks darlin’ and I hope I get rid of this crud quick. – Evyl

  8. Codeine and possible hallucinations huh? Sounds like fun—- er, I mean, I hope you feel better soon ; )


    Sizzurp doesn’t make it all worthwhile but it does help. – Evyl

  9. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    yanno what? confusion, agitation, hallucinations, and unusual thought or behavior are my norm as well. maybe they put that stuff in the coffee i drink. or maybe it was injected into my brain at birth.

    Maybe we just have some kind of genitic disposition or something. – Evyl


    Thanks little darlin’. – Evyl

  11. Hope you get better soon. aint nothing worse than a sick man! its worse than the world ending.

    On the bright side we might see kittens, pupies and photos of sunsets all on your blog:P

    You call that a bright side? Although stay tuned for a cute little froggy pic later today. – Evyl

  12. I’m with Teeni, poetry is the go – just think Kubla Khan… πŸ™‚

    Kubla Khan was good but the movie version left a lot to be desired. Xanadu sucked. – Evyl

  13. just remember to drink straight from the bottle, that always adds to the charm of the drugs… *gasp* … did i just say that?


    Yeppers. – Evyl

  14. aww .. poor boy. i hope you get to feeling better real soon.

    and uh, you got any extra drugs you can send my way? πŸ˜‰

    Take care, sweets!

    If I have any extra, I will send you a shot or two. – Evyl

  15. lifesstory Says:

    Hey, my wife has the same cough medicine. She gets it by the quart. Good stuff, man.

    Mine came in a big ass bottle as well. Sweet stuff. – Evyl

  16. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    it’s highly possible. it[‘s certainly nothing I want to change

    My thoughts exactly. – Evyl

  17. Hope you feel better πŸ™‚

    Me too. Thanks!!! – Evyl

  18. NICE!! enjoy the drugs – do clue us in on some fun hallucinations..

    I’ll keep ya posted. – Evyl

  19. mistermanly Says:

    Hi Evyl,

    My bet is that the drugs will turn you normal. I sincerely hope you get well soon.

    Mister Manly

    It would take more than mere medication to make me normal. – Evyl

  20. Hope you’re feeling better…. although, you’re posts have been even more enjoyable than usual, over the past few days… maybe you should keep taking the drugs? πŸ˜‰

    Glad that you have enjoyed my drug induced ramblings. – Evyl

  21. i wondered how I got sick. I must have caught this bug from you heavy breathing down my neck…

    i hope you feel better soon. if not, invest in a nursemaid to sponge bathe you.

    I’m always up for a good spongebath. – Evyl

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