Twisted Fables: The Voodoo Queen

Not so long ago in the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou, there lived a Voodoo Queen. Through the night she would intone spells over a bubbling cauldron. Any man venturing too close to her boggy lair would become ensnared by her mesmerizing spells. The men then found themselves to be the sexual slaves of the Voodoo Queen. After having her way with the men, the Voodoo Queen would soon grow bored with them. She would then perform a dark incantation that engorged their penis’s and then kill them. The penis was then cut off and preserved in a jar of preserving brine along with a tarot card. The magical properties of the tarot card kept the penis engorged and hard.

One day the Voodoo Queen used her last tarot card on a hapless victim. The evil Voodoo Queen then threw back her head and laughed a sinister laugh for at last her mission was accomplished. She had the pick of a pack of pickled peckers.

13 Responses to “Twisted Fables: The Voodoo Queen”

  1. It’s great to be back, what a welcome back present!

    Luved it……

    Glad ya liked it and welcome back. – Evyl

  2. Where on Earth did I get the Alien avatar from? That does NOT look like me at all!!!!

    Wordpress generates it. Cute, huh? – Evyl

  3. That was great! “pickled peckers” 😆

    I was sitting in a sizzurp stupor last night and I tried to say a peck of pickled peppers to see if I was too fucked up to do it and I came up with a pick of pickled peckers. Rather than admit that I was that fucked up on cough syrup, I built a story to validate my sentence. Crazy huh? – Evyl

  4. *chuckle* Very good then.

    Good to see that it got a chuckle. – Evyl

  5. I think I saw a jar of them at the convenince store down the street. Thought they were sausages at firtst
    damn glad I didn’t munch one

    Truth. – Evyl

  6. bahaha!! thats quite a fairy tale mr evyl 🙂

    she should re-name herself the dildo queen

    Wonder if her voodoo doll doubles as a dildo. – Evyl

  7. My local gin mill has a pickle jar full of them next to the pickled eggs.

    Seriously, has anyone ever bought a pickled egg from one of those jars? WTF?

    The eggs aren’t too bad. It’s the pigs feet that you have to watch out for. If someone cracks the jar open get out quick. The fumes alone are enough to knock you down. – Evyl

  8. That was frickin’ awesome! I didn’t see that coming at all. Masterful.

    Why thank you. You are far too kind. – Evyl

  9. Mmmm… peckers.

    Pickled no less. – Evyl

  10. Whoa buddy, that was a lot of work to there. LOL.


    Actually it was no work at all. – Evyl

  11. I like Teeni’s “I didn’t see that coming at all” *sniggers*

    Voodoo and Tarot… hmm… now there’s something to ponder.

    Indeed. – Evyl

  12. uhho

    You’ve got Anja pondering………. this could get dangerous 😛 😉

    Could be. – Evyl

  13. Not so crazy…just a little twisted. 😉

    Just a little. 😉 – Evyl

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