The Really Sick Shit

I made a comment to Anja last night. She was worried that some people might have thought that she was trivializing an important issue. I stated my long held position that if we can’t find the humor in something then it has beaten us. With that in mind here is some sick shit that I have found while searching around. Remember what doesn’t kill you, slowly sickens you until you die anyway.

10 bucks says her step-dad dresses her.

What came first for her, the crack or being a whore?

There is some porno that has to be seen on Wide Screen.

A Pure Evyl Cheap Dating Tip: Take an Anorexic to Dinner

A guy is broke but in desperate need of a hooker. He goes to the whorehouse and tells the madam that all he has is five bucks and he will take whatever that will get. He is shown to a room and shortly an extremely old woman limps into the room. The guy is desperate so he says what the hell. He starts suckling at her breast when a warm fluid gushes into his mouth. The man says to the old hooker, ‘Ma’am, aren’t you a little old to be giving breast milk.’ The old hooker looks back and says, ‘Yes Sonny but I’m not too old to have breast cancer.’

I am going to stop here. I could keep going and post racist, sexist, and other jokes that would have the effect of at least offending one group or another. But hopefully, I have made my point. Nothing should be taboo to find humor in. When we stop laughing, we stop living. And then we are beaten.

22 Responses to “The Really Sick Shit”

  1. The day I can’t laugh at something is the day I’ll top myself…we need to be able to find the humor in anything and everything…when we stop is a sad, sad day….

    That is so true. – Evyl

  2. prechin tot he choir, baby

    I love you man. – Evyl

  3. lol oh evyl u r so sik even i laughed at the last one.

    Thanks darlin’. – Evyl

  4. So true.

    Thanks, MJ. – Evyl

  5. There is this comedian, I forget who exactly, who does a bit about how sex with little boys must be the most amazing sex in the world.

    Just look at what people are willing to go through (jail, ostracism, registering as a sex offender, etc) just to have some. Sick. But funny.

    I heard a bit done by Dave Attell talking about getting shitty bj’s from teens and then wondered just what the fuck their step-fathers were teaching them. – Evyl

  6. Fuckin’ A Man, that’s the way I’ve always run my own damn blog also!

    The Trailer Of Love

    Wil, I am going to have to go check out your joint. I swung by there awhile back and just haven’t got back. Sorry ’bout that. I will remedy it shortly. – Evyl

  7. That is why I come here everyday… for my daily dose of twisted, sick humor! Starts my day off right! 😀

    Thanks darlin’. I appreciate that. – Evyl

  8. I think sometimes that the people who really can’t understand laughing at teh sick, dark stuff have never had to deal wtih any of the sick, dark stuff or they’d damn well know that it has to be laughed at.

    I couldn’t agree more. – Evyl

  9. lifesstory Says:

    I woke up sick this morning and stayed home. I’m glad you didn’t continue with the jokes. I do believe the fat chick is actually laying on her stomach though. It just so happens her arms are the right length to reach the mattress. You do live up to your name here. Have a good day!

    Get better soon dude. My crud keeps on hanging in there. I have a few more days left on my antibiotic prescription. Hopefully it will kick in soon. – Evyl

  10. I think fucking the fat one would be better than fucking the bean pole. At least you’d have more options: between the tummy rolls . . the thigh rolls . . the arms rolls . . the toe rolls – ya know, why settle for the pussy . . . . . like you’d actually be able to find it.

    Hells yeah!!! Roll ‘er in baby oil and hang on for the ride. – Evyl

  11. Bahahahaha… Evyl, I couldn’t love you any more than I do right now. 🙂

    Love ya darlin’. – Evyl

  12. I remember my first dinner with a group of social workers specialised in child protection services when I was completely dumbfounded at the level of ‘inappropriate’ jokes they were making.
    After having worked in an Emergency Service myself, I understand that humour is at times the only thing that keeps one sane. Today I have the outmost respect for those people and know that they are dedicating their lives to deal with stuff most of us wouldn’t be able to stomach.
    So I agree, if we can’t laugh about the tragic, it will eat us alive.

    Sometimes it’s either laugh or cry. I choose to laugh. Thanks for everything. – Evyl

  13. Wow – these really ARE sick! I’d like to be thinner than I am now but that skinny bitch looks like she would splinter if she turned too fast. I usually don’t get offended easily but I do try to be aware of sensitivities. Every blog and blogger has their own style though. I don’t think I’d get offended here because you are an equal opportunity teaser.

    I try. – Evyl

  14. A Pure Evyl Cheap Dating Tip: Take an Anorexic to Dinner…

    mwhhhhhhhhhhahahahahhahaa i love that 😉

    Thank ya darlin’. – Evyl

  15. i feel like that anorexic girl would break if she bent over.

    My cop tends to have a sick sense of humor, i think it comes from the “dealing with stupid f-in idiots who kill themselves in funny ways” part of his job.. i never thought death was funny untill he started coming home with those jokes.

    as long as we make fun of general concepts and abstract, far away charachters, there is room for the humor.

    bad joke of the day:
    i am part of an organization to remember the holocaust. we are trying to use the event to teach others in the hope that history wont repeat itself. while brainstorming for names for our new website- we were deciding between- or i suggested.… needless to say it didnt go over too well.

    Bad but funny. – Evyl

  16. ok, yeah, “ewww” the old lady breast milk scenario *shudder*

    Your blog, you can cry if you want to, cry if you want to….

    If someone doesn’t like what you write, they can fuck off- or get their own damn blog!


    Zactly. – Evyl

  17. Average Chick Says:

    I’m just a touch hung over this morning and the breast cancer joke just put me over the edge…Good takes a lot to gross me out but that just did it!

    You say the sweetest things. – Evyl

  18. sick sick people, pleasure to meet ye

    Back atcha bud. Thanks for dropping in. I always appreciate it. – Evyl

  19. Yes sick shit is just the right word for that.

    Here’s even more of that from germany.

    Strange little game, but it’s hard to understand what it’s about on some scenes because my german is really bad!

  20. Ryan Brown Says:

    You know… i would looove to see a porno with that fat chick and that anorexic chick fucking. THAT would be some awesome sick ass shit!!

    Hells fuckin’ Yeah!!! – Evyl

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