Tasteless Poetry Episode XIV

Old Mrs. Moore

The Medic-Alert Dispatcher received the call.
‘Mrs. Moore, are you hurt? Did you fall.’
‘Ohh God, Ohh Jesus, Ohh Yes,’ was the only reply.
So the dispatcher called the ambulance and told them to fly.

The ambulance drivers called through the door.
‘Are you hurt, can you get off the floor.’
With the screams and the moans of a woman in pain,
The drivers busted the door for entrance to gain.

What they saw there made them gasp and groan
Old Man Withers had Mrs. Moore bent over and was driving his bone.
Her ass in the air as she give it a wiggle.
Even her moles were giving a jiggle.

Her in stockings and garter.
Him with an oversized goiter.
To the drivers it seemed like the ultimate folly,
But the old timers seemed to be getting their jollies.

Their hearing aids out they heard not a peep.
So the drivers backed out at the quietest creep.
This tale could have been different on a different tack,
The surprise could have given the seniors a heart attack.

So for safety’s sake, here’s a word to your granny.
Before getting jiggy, with your naked ass fanny.
Keep your Medic-Alert bracelet on the bed post and handy.
Not on your wrist, things get wild when old folks get randy.

This is a reprint from a previous blog of mine. Hopefully I won’t sue myself for plagiarism.

11 Responses to “Tasteless Poetry Episode XIV”

  1. šŸ˜† love it! Don’t sue yourself… no harm done!

    Have I told you lately…that I love your evyl self? Well, I do.

    Ahhh, you’re sooo sweet. – Evyl

  2. As if the description wasn’t bad enough, you included an animated visual. Yuck. LOL. Pretty good for tasteless poetry though, I must say. And hey, nothing wrong with reusing good material that you created yourself. I doubt you’d sue you. You’re Evyl, not mean.

    Thanks Teeni. – Evyl

  3. “Even her moles were giving a jiggle…”
    oh my goodness… i can’t get that image out of my head!!!

    Sorry ’bout that. – Evyl

  4. OMG, I love it. That is great, and I am sure that you won’t sue yourself. If nothing else, you’d end up out of pocket for either the legal fees for the defence or prosecution. Could be interesting……

    And the gif makes the post. By the way, you been emailing my daughter??? She came home from school yesterday and told me she had to search the internet for animated gifs. Needless to say, dinner was a bit late cause I had to supervise her searching. Obviously I been reading too much Evyl and worried about what she might find. LOL

    If you take off the safe search on Google. I am generelly to be found on the first couple of pages. – Evyl

  5. oh, if there ISN’T a law suit here somewhere, there should be
    my psyche has been scarred/

    Yeah right. – Evyl

  6. thats fantastic!!! very funny. but kinda gross..

    imagine the call the local PO would get if they got a heart attack while humping? bahahaha!

    Most of the things that I find funny are kinda gross. Strange, huh? – Evyl

  7. Absolutely hilarious! That’s some true talent right there.

    Thanks MJ. – Evyl

  8. mistermanly Says:

    Hi Evyl,

    Thanks for pointing out that being a paramedic is a manly job, and that their pay is not even close to being sufficient compensation for the crap they encounter.

    Mister Manly

    Thanks for the props to paramedics. They do a job vital job for little pay and hellacious headaches. My hat is off to all of them no matter their sex. – Evyl

  9. hahahaha…this was a wonderful poem; I feel like it has that jolly feel, which qualifies it to be read by a teacher to her English students…but somehow I don’t think that would work šŸ˜‰

    You are far too kind. – Evyl

  10. I thought I recognized this – a true classic. šŸ˜‰

    Thanks Annie. – Evyl

  11. lifesstory Says:

    Hadn’t found it before now. Great stuff there Evyl. I’ll remember that ten years from now. I just hope I haven’t fallen and can’t get (it) up.

    You and me both bud. – Evyl

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