Sheer Brilliance

While doing a little blogsurfing, I came across a blog of sheer brilliance. The site is named My Meals. And that is exactly what each post is. Simply a picture and a short description of what that person ate. There are four categories; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. I have absolutely no idea why this person is posting this but damn is it ingenious. Perhaps they are on a diet and chronicling their food intake or perhaps they just want a record of what they ate. I only know that it is awesome.

To think of the time that I have spent pouring through porn for research, the time I have spent crying to the muses for inspiration, the time I have spent going through video for just the right perfectly tasteless image, when all I could have done was take a picture of the food that I ate. Aaarrghhhh the humanity of it all.

I left a comment on this person’s blog. I really hope they come over or e-mail me and let me know more about the inspiration behind this blog because this person has me awestruck.

BTW, This is what I had for an afternoon snack.

Actually my popcorn was in a microwave bag. I wasn’t prepared for this post so I didn’t take a picture of the microwave bag of popcorn and this was the only popcorn photo that I had on file. I am sorry that I didn’t have a cucumber for a snack. I have a really good cucumber photo. If anyone needs a good cucumber pic for their snack let me know. I will be happy to e-mail it to you because cucumbers give me heartburn really bad and I will only suffer so much for my art.

25 Responses to “Sheer Brilliance”

  1. Evyl, you’re a muse yourself. You’ve inspired me a lot, and a lot of people out there.

    And this post, inspired me to make some popcorn for my husband.


    Have fun. Just keep a few handi-wipes at hand if you are using extra butter. – Evyl

  2. LOL – This totally reminded me of an episode of the Drew Carey show when they were eating popcorn. Do you know of the one I speak?

    I do not know of this episode. I will have to look for it. – Evyl

  3. Damn a popcorn vagina now? 😉 What the hell?

    Just beware of the unpopped kernals. They’re scratchy. – Evyl

  4. how was the pussy? :mrgreen:

    Sadly, I wouldn’t know. I would imagine salty. – Evyl

  5. btw- I’d give a nut to see an upper GI of the person on said diet.
    Burgers and fries, burgers and fries.
    Shit, you might even see the face of Colonel Sanders in there.

    At least I now know not to drink the blue raspberry Mountain Dew. – Evyl

  6. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    all this needs is a black border instead of a blue one and white text reading “Edible underwear. ur doin it rite” and you can invent a whole new genre of internet entertainment: LOLporn!

    LOLPorn? Brilliant!!! – Evyl

  7. Yeah, that looks like your kind of snack all right, buddy? I can only imagine what you can do with your beer chicken and the right model. Priceless.

    Hells yeah!!! Although I might add a strap-on to the pic. – Evyl

  8. I had to leave a comment too! Just what in the hell have I been doing on my blog for the last 4+ years? It just pails in comparison to this stroke of genius!

    The Trailer Of Love

    I know it kinda pisses a person off. – Evyl

  9. oh darling, you find the most exquisite things on the internet – like no one else. it’s a true talent.
    sarah 🙂

    Why thank you. – Evyl

  10. How sick can I be?

    Should I?

    Can I?

    Yes, I can… *sniggers*

    Is there a cute little pic out there of where to dip your fries at that delicate time of the month? ‘Tis a thought.

    Oh yeah, there is. I have just suck a little pic on the back burner. – Evyl

  11. that was such a thoughtful comment you left 🙂 I was SO tempted to leave one myself…

    I am always thoughtful in my comments. Some people think that is strange. I have no idea why. – Evyl

  12. OMG. They never eat real food, it all seems to come in a box or a packet or a container. :gag:

    The lady in your picture however, now she looks like a nice meal, home made with love. I’m tempted to say I’d eat her but she’s just not my type.

    Popcorn with toppings are good but popcorn as toppings is crazee tastee. BTW, thanks so much for popping in. I appreciate it. – Evyl

  13. looks like hospital cafeteria food most of the time, if the person gets e coli or something they could trace it back to what they ate
    Rachel Ray has a snack of the day…….
    have a great weekend!

    I thought Rachel Ray was a snack of the day. – Evyl

  14. Popped pussy? Now that’s art

    Zactly. – Evyl

  15. LOL Doktor Holocaust – LOLPorn = awesome idea!

    Evyl, writing about food is easy. What you do… it’s ART. 😉

    Ahhh, you’re so sweet. – Evyl

  16. You rock!

    Thanks darlin’. Hope that everything is treating you alright. – Evyl

  17. Bring on the LOLPorn, can’t wait to see that. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon snack. And seems there is only one problem with popped pussy – she won’t fit in the microwave……..

    Now if she could pop it without a microwave, that would be some hot pussy. – Evyl

  18. i like the boobies.
    you can have the popcorn, but just this once 🙂

    Thanks darlin’. – Evyl

  19. I normally have no taste for popcorn … but now …

    It’s all in the container. – Evyl

  20. lifesstory Says:

    She’s hot enough to “pop” corn. I bet she likes poppycock, too.

    Not to mention Fiddle-Faddle. – Evyl

  21. Your entire blog I amazing! Why feel inferior to food blogs? I loved the popcorn picture and would also love the cucumber one.. pkease 😉

    Thanks Stranger. I am really tempted to do the cucumber pic as my first LOLPorn. – Evyl

  22. LOL @ beer chicken & the model!

    It could be a hoot. – Evyl

  23. I do love you so… this made me laugh!

    Popcorn and salt..down there!! ouch!

    Exactly, I hate it when the pocorn husks get stuck between my teeth. – Evyl

  24. *naughty grin*

  25. The idea for the project was actually a contest with another person I know to document everything eaten for a year. I did it for a month then pretty much stopped. It turned out to be more work than I had anticipated. I was thinking about starting it up again but going with everything I drank in a month, but I think that would be more work. I may start it up again in January. Thanks.

    Thanks so much for getting back to me. I think that it is great and wish that you would start it back up. The drink idea is great. – Evyl

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