Talkin’ Man Stuff

A while back Smoke from over at Smoke and Mirrors invited me to join up on a blog venture on a blog dedicated to manly issues. I happily joined up. Since then Crazy Dan joined in the festivities and helped keep the ball rolling. I am now proud to announce the addition of B.E. Earl. With the addition of Earl, the blog has been renamed Mantown. One of the good things about a collaborative blog is the fact that one person doesn’t have to carry the load. None of the posts have by-lines so it is any person’s guess on who is posting what. But here’s a little hint. This latest post, it’s all me people.

My thanks go out to Earl for climbing aboard. And thanks to everyone who has stopped over at Mantown.

10 Responses to “Talkin’ Man Stuff”

  1. “Mantown?” I think I saw that movie back in…. umm no, I’ve never heard of it.

    The Trailer Of Love

    Neither have I. – Evyl

  2. noice.

    You certainly do have a dream and a half!

    I have never been afraid to dare to dream. – Evyl

  3. Another blog? Seriously? How many is this for you…honestly?
    Ok, added to my list of dailies. Thank you for even MORE work distractions. You rock!

    I’ll never tell. But in all seriousness, I only post on this one regularly any more. – Evyl

  4. looks to be a damn fine sight of high morals
    a beacon in the dark waters of the internet

    Truth. – Evyl

  5. Where is this Mantown of which you speak? Can I go there? Are there single people abounding? Just kidding, I’m attached. But I’m intrigued, so I’ll head over there…

    Looking forward to seeing you over there. – Evyl

  6. Crap! Now that people know I’m gonna have to actually contribute, eh? Alrighty…rolling up my sleeves and adjusting my cock ring. Here we go!

    Can’t wait. – Evyl

  7. I am Piqued, so to speak. See you there.

    Thanks, darlin’. – Evyl

  8. Yup, Smoke mentioned this to me. I may be too girly to visit though. You know how sensitive and fragile I am. 😉

    As if. – Evyl

  9. Ah, Mantown . . .
    A damn fine place to visit.
    Welcome B.E.Earl, so glad you’re coming along for the crazyass ride.
    Time for me to do a bit of pimping as well.
    Later boys :mrgreen:

    Later dude. – Evyl

  10. Where do you find the time!

    Speed reader, speed typer, Google Reader. – Evyl

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