Evyl’s Love Tip #7

Remember not everyone has the balls of Stretch Armstrong.

16 Responses to “Evyl’s Love Tip #7”

  1. Bahahahaha… *falls off chair laughing*

    I’ve soooooooooooooooo gotta try that.

    Now that’s evyl. – Evyl

  2. pleasure or pain? lmao

    I’m guessing pain. – Evyl

  3. Oh dear. I never even considered that one. Too funny.

    Yeah it’s funny but I have to give a little wince everytime that I see it. – Evyl

  4. PMSL, can I try it too? I want to see if they are like bungee elastic……… how fast do they spring back???????

    That’s scary. – Evyl

  5. She’s just trying to spice things up. Sheesh!

    (My balls hurt just looking at that pic. Ouch)

    Mine as well. – Evyl

  6. Bowbowboooooooowwww!
    Maybe he should try some yoga stretching exercises . . .

    I saw on a tv program once a yogi that tied a cement block to his wang and let it hang off. But never nuts that far. Crazy shit. – Evyl

  7. I’m thinking maybe someone mistook Lance for Stretch and this would explain what happened to him? I dunno. Ouch.

    Now that’s phunny. – Evyl

  8. that’s hilarious haha I love it

    It is funny but painfully so. – Evyl

  9. QueenBitch Says:

    So thats why I’m single.

    I thought the screams were screams of pleasure not pain.
    Gosh darn it.

    😉 – Evyl

  10. lifesstory Says:

    And I though only old men’s would go that far. Of course theirs is naturally hanging around the knees. I’m thinking this is guy is Reed Richards. . . FF

    Hence the term droopy drawers. – Evyl

  11. I’m looking forward to saggy balls if I can get some of that action

    It’s a position that I have never seen in the Kama Sutra. – Evyl

  12. interressting… that chicks boobs are humungous!!!

    With nipples to poke a guy’s eyes out. – Evyl

  13. LMAO!! Not sure how I missed this before!

    Wonder what he did to deserve that?

    Love hurts but that is over the line. – Evyl

  14. Guys, I’d like you to remember that not all chicks can bend like origami. Hint: test flexibility BEFORE making requests.

    Your point is well taken. – Evyl

  15. mwhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahaha
    classic 🙂

    Thanks!!! – Evyl

  16. While I do enjoy a little nut tugging that is extreme.I laughed until my sides hurt at that one.

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