One More Thing Running Through My Mind: #15,637

Would having Parkinson’s be an aid to finger-fucking? If so, there is the silver lining in that cloud.

25 Responses to “One More Thing Running Through My Mind: #15,637”

  1. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    yes and no – the parkinson’s would make it harder to get your fingers into position, but once they’re in, it’ll make the wait worthwhile.

    That’s what I’m thinkin’. – Evyl

  2. Michael J. Fox’s wife sure looks happy a lot of the time.

    She does at that. – Evyl

  3. LOL – now that’s putting a positive spin on a sad disease. Leave it to you, Evyl. 😉

    I do try to keep a positive outlook on life. Even if it is slightly skewed. – Evyl

  4. I’m always amazed at where your mind takes you! lol

    Amazed or horrified? 😉 – Evyl

  5. oooh… i love the way you think

    They are working on a cure for that. – Evyl

  6. Hmm do you have it?

    If so let us know?

    Nope. – Evyl
    BTW, #12 and rising, ye of little faith.

  7. I am glad you don’t have it. I guess my comment was kind of rude sorry haha.

    We’ll see when you actually play someone 😉

    Nah, I didn’t think it rude. Now doubting the Raiders, That’s rude. – Evyl

  8. It would aid wanking somewhat 🙂

    It would give another meaning to five knuckle shuffle. – Evyl

  9. *snort*

    i can’t wait!

    😉 – Evyl

  10. NO!

    I hate watching guys on pornos stick their fingers in a perfectly good pussy and then just have a fucking spasm all over it with their hand.

    The outside fingers massaging the labia … an inside finger curled to the roof of the pussy, pressing that bit against the bony pubic symphysis … the base of the fingers working the inner clit shaft above the labia — and depending on the noises she’s making, maybe take a break and pull her hair back and lightly spank that upper area with your fingertips just a bit while biting her neck lightly and growling while she ululates …

    Uh … sorry … my mind wandered …

    But no. I’m not a big fan of the Parkinson’s fingering 😉

    My mind wanders like that as well. Don’t worry about it. – Evyl

  11. So would diarrhea be an aid to good anal sex? Just wondering.


    Red’s got my back on this answer. – Evyl

  12. Murder of Ravens, NOOOOooooooooooo, you didn’t! Holy hell, what a post!

    And what a comment section. – Evyl

  13. No, Smith .. Diarrhea would be a result of good anal sex.

    Not really though.

    Not being able to sit on one’s ass is a result.

    You speak truth in volumes. – Evyl

  14. Bahaha thats pretty terrible. But i laughed too 🙂

    Glad you got a laugh out of it. – Evyl

  15. Oh man, I have GOT to have sex soon.

    Sorry ’bout that. – Evyl

  16. It would be an aid to masturbation in general, I believe.

    I believe you are right. – Evyl

  17. That’s just all kinds of wrong LOL.
    But that’s not really surprising coming from you 😉

    Hey, I resemble that remark. 😉 – Evyl

  18. But, I don’t want to be cured.

    That puts a big smile on my face. – Evyl

  19. Sorry love, not making the connection….:(

    I can lead a mind to the gutter but I can’t make it think. – Evyl

  20. I love you man

    I love you too man. – Evyl

  21. You’re going to hell for this one Evyl.
    And we’re all coming with you . . .

    It’s good to know that I am in good company. – Evyl

  22. My boyfriend will love this post….might hit a little too close to home!

    Hope he likes it. – Evyl

  23. Well that just might work. Now are there like support groups for these things? I shall have to go find me a date.. err.. go help support…

    Now that’s funny. Good luck on that. – Evyl

  24. Wonder how long it would take to get a condom on like that? Oh what the hell, just grab it and hang on.

    Geez I heard a kid say he liked his grandma help him pee when he was little. She had Parkinson’s

    Dude. – Evyl

  25. Hmmm…interesting question. I don’t know…

    I guess it would depend on whether the man with Parkinson’s has control of his jerks?

    or not?

    I suppose you are right but when it really comes down to it does anyone have control of their jerks? – Evyl

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