Pause For The Cause

Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherfuckers, my vacation has finally arrived. Except for a little camping excursion later this week where I emulate that crazy-assed fucker from Man vs Wild, I plan on sitting around the house in my underwear drinking beer as much as humanly possible and driving my wife fucking crazy. Hell’s yeah, let the good times roll.

22 Responses to “Pause For The Cause”

  1. Yay! Have fun!

    Thanks, I plan on it. Look ahead for some drunkin’ half-nekkid bloggin’. – Evyl

  2. Sounds like a perfect vacation to me. What’s yer brew o’ choice?

    Shiner Bock is my preferred brew, although I have been meaning to try the new Budweiser American Ale just to see if it’s worth a fuck. Hopefully the beer store has it. If not I will stick to my Shiner. – Evyl

    For those who aren’t lucky enough to live in an area where Shiner is sold here is a link to see what you’re missing.

  3. Woohoo! But, I won’t be here… dammit I always miss the good stuff!

    We have a keg full of Shiner… it’s my husband’s favorite as well.

    I’m a vodka and wine girl…. and I plan to have plenty over the next week… I’m sure I will end up doing something drunkin and half nekkid too. πŸ˜›

    I can’t keep that much brew on hand or I’d never leave the damned house. Have fun on your trip. Drunken and half nekkid. – Evyl

  4. Cute video btw… I didn’t see it the first time. *giggles*

    I just stuck it up. It’s kinda strange for this joint. But that dawg cracked me up. Maybe it’s the Shiner. – Evyl

  5. Have fun Evyl! Wish I was there. =)

    I will and that would make it even better. – Evyl

  6. I’ve never seen that show but I bet you can get wild with the best of ’em. Happy vacation, to you Evyl! I will try and slug a beer for you this week too.

    Thanks Teeni, I appreciate it. – Evyl

  7. awesome! have a good time off !

    Thanks, I plan on it. – Evyl

  8. “Let’s get it on” !

    Hell’s Yeah!!! – Evyl

  9. Fuckin’ A man! My vaca starts next week and I am gonna drive from Chicago to Alabama to do this very thing at Heff’s house! Maybe not in underwear but hey, ya just never know. Party!

    The Trailer Of Love

    Sounds like a blast dude. – Evyl

  10. Never heard of Shiner, and it’s not available in NY yet. I’ll have to talk to my girlfriend about it. She works for a company that distributes a lot of beer from all over to NYC and surrounding areas.

    Is the American Ale available in your neck of the woods already? I heard it wasn’t supposed to drop until later this month for bottles, and it was just released nationally in kegs today. Of course, there have been a bunch of pre-releases as well. I’m interested, being a Bud guy from way back.

    Shiner is a relatively small brewery but their beer is first rate. I checked on Bud’s American Ale and it isn’t on the market here yet. Looks like I’m going to have to wait. If you can’t find Shiner Bock, Bud has a Ziegenbock that is fairly close but I think that is only marketed in Texas to compete with Shiner. – Evyl

  11. YAY Vacation time!! We should get some good wacky posts from you then?? Woo!!

    I would celebrate with you but I’m not allowed to drink atm. Stupid drugs.

    Hopefully the posts will be better than usual but I wouldn’t bet money on it. – Evyl

  12. HALF-naked blogging? Dammit! πŸ˜‰

    Have fun!

    Thanks, I plan on it. – Evyl

  13. Mucho Shiners to ya, bud.
    Have a peaceful rest.
    Try not to drive Joyce too nuts, okay?

    I know the line. I toe it very well but back off just before she goes for the weapons of my destruction. – Evyl

  14. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    i think my ideal vacation, aside from partying with fellow freaks at X-day, would involve a lot of lounging-around-in-underpants and emulating the guys from Mythbusters rather than Man vs. Wild.

    Any plan involving booze and lounging around in yer skivvies is a sound one, in my book

    Busting some myths sounds like fun as well. – Evyl

  15. Woooo*hooooo! Bring on yer drunkin half-naked vacay bloggin …. don’t dont tease me like that! ; )


    Gotta luv it. – Evyl

  16. I have tried Bud’s American Ale.
    I figure now that they are owned by a belgian company they might muster a decent ale.
    It’s still budwieser…
    Enjoy making AJ a little more A

    Angrier by the day. – Evyl

  17. Awww, have a great holiday. And hope you get to throw back many beers. And do me a favour, if you do Man vs Wild impressions, please please please do not video yourself pissing in a drink bottle and then drinking it so that you don’t dehydrate. I can’t bring myself to watch the show any more, that just turned me right off.

    I hydrate the proper way. Coffee in the morning, iced tea at noon, and Shiner at night. – Evyl

  18. Mmmm, pass the Newcastle.

    Now that’s a brew that I haven’t had in a while. – Evyl

  19. Mmm…. MJ! Now there is something we totally agree on!! I love Newcastle… one of the few beers I will drink!

  20. i can use a vacation. wish i was there drunk and stupid too.

    That sounds like fun. – Evyl

  21. Happy Vacation Evyl! How XXXciting for you. And believe it or not, I live your vacation every day.

    Well, not the wife part….

    And that’s my favorite part except for the underwear thing. – Evyl

  22. ‘Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherfuckers’

    Someone else who uses that line!! lol

    I knew we had a connection πŸ˜‰ lmao

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