Yeah Right

Foreword: To preface this post let me state that I like breasts in all of their myriad shapes and sizes. From teeney tiny tits with nipples that would put your eye out, to small perky tits, to big naturally sagged boobs, to the best tits that money can buy. I love them all and that’s all I have to say about that.

Kellie Pickler has gone from an American Idol wanna-be to a Country Music star. I don’t listen to a lot of Country Music but her videos are pretty damn easy on the eyes. But her latest tune pisses me off a bit. How the fuck she can stand there and sing to young girls that ‘You Are Beautiful (Just The Way You Are)’ with a straight faceΒ and those big fake tits is beyond me.

Idol Pre-Boob Job vs The Best Money Can Buy

Idol Pre-Boob Job vs The Best Money Can Buy

19 Responses to “Yeah Right”

  1. I need more money then. And I promise I won’t go singing any songs with morals in them to the younger generation. Donations accepted at my site. πŸ˜‰

    Did you ever check out the free implant site? Or you could always have a boobathon. – Evyl

  2. I need her surgeon’s number.

    Damn fine job but why would you need implants? As you can tell by my foreword, they’re all good. – Evyl

  3. I agree.

    Nice job though! Personally, I prefer my smallish perky ones πŸ™‚

    I like ’em all. – Evyl

  4. not bad… fake tan i can do without though.

    A bit on the orange side, huh? – Evyl

  5. Wow, she definitely got a boob job – I had no idea. Well honey, that’s show biz. If it’s real, it ain’t gonna work. LOL.

    Sad but true. – Evyl

  6. Viva le Pickler ! Looks like she may have had some work done on her face, too. I know I’d work on it.

    Hells Yeah!!! – Evyl

  7. She even was made fun of by Ryan Seacrest on American Idol when she first got them. That takes a lot.

    To be made fun of by Ryan Seacrest.

    Getting made fun of by Ryan Seacrest is bound to give a person self-esteem issues. – Evyl

  8. Kind of like when Ashlee Simpson did that whole spiel in Teen Magazine a few years ago about accepting your flaws and loving who you are, and then the next week getting a nose job. Funny ain’t it?

    Ashlee could have done better with some more singing lessons and not worried about the nose job. – Evyl

  9. yep…them be fake, alright.

    well, so is the bleach blond hair, fake tan, fake talent, fake smile…I mean on her…not ME, of course.

    My talents are REAL. πŸ˜›

    She has a talent? – Evyl

  10. the messages celebs/singers are sending kids are appalling!

    She looks like a curly haired barbie doll

    Actually the message that she sings is a good one, she just needs to work on the messenger part. – Evyl

  11. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    I am a bit picky about boobs. I have my own manboobs, which are usually plenty for me, but when it comes to other people’s boobs I like em natural or Really Expensive. i’ve seen enough of the cheap stuff to know that the extra expense is worth it to not look like you hired Doogie Howser’s evil idiot younger brother to stuff chunks of sporting goods into your boobs.

    Clearly, miss Pickler has splurged on the good stuff, but A) she really didn’t need to and B) the money would’ve been better spent on a hairdresser and a real tan.

    Doogie Howser’s evil idiot younger brother? Hey, I know that dude. He is a blast at parties. – Evyl

  12. She’s so pretty- whatever size her boobaliciousness are. As for the message of her song, Meh… I think she probably wrote that before she decided to get the new boobs….

    My guess is that someone else with little boobs wrote the song. – Evyl

  13. Well from one who prays for flea bites in the hope of some swelling, good on her I say…we all know you don’t get anywhere in showbiz without big tits, so at least we know she’s committed

    Maybe so but I liked her boobs just the way that they were. – Evyl

  14. Do me favor and change that t to an r in my :mrgreen: if you would be so kind mr evyl?
    thank you darlin’

    Will do. – Evyl

  15. She has a talent? – Evyl

    Ummm…I dunno…I can’t stop staring at her boobs.

    Looks like we’re in the same boat. – Evyl

  16. Gebus Ebyl, suck my tits. I’M SO DEAD WITH YOUR WIFE.

    πŸ˜‰ – Evyl

  17. I’m wasted, sorry Mrs. Evyl.

    I couldn’t tell. Luv ya darlin’. – Evyl

  18. Well, for rhythm and rhyme reasons they had to remove the addendum
    Original “You are beautiful just the way you are with big fake tits”
    present version “you are beautiful just the way you are”
    (big fake tits is obviously implied, as, well, she has big fake tits
    and damn they are nice)

    Ain’t they though. – Evyl

  19. but they’re pretty nice big fake tits.

    Damn skippy!!! – Evyl

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