With the cost of a Real Doll at about 6,500 bucks. I wonder if anyone has started pimping them out in order to make enough money to buy one? If so I hope they make enough money to hire a crack-whore to clean up the mess. I’d hate to see them out of a job just because they were phased out by an inanimate object.

25 Responses to “Really”

  1. Oy! I am simply without words πŸ˜‰

    Never a dull moment around here, I’m thinkin’!

    I try. – Evyl

  2. I have to admit I really would like to try one of these out just for the hell of it.

    The Trailer Of Love

    I’d hate to rent one and I am far too cheap to buy one. So unless I have one gifted to me, I’ll do without a try. – Evyl

  3. The Real Doll freaks me out and turns me on at the same time.

    Is that wrong?

    Not at all. – Evyl

  4. I’ve been following that site for years. “Fantasy” body style # 9 would fit perfectly under my Christmas tree this year. Probably wouldn’t fly with the misses, though.

    9 is fine but I have a fever for 5. – Evyl

  5. Gebus wheezus, I want dairy whip for breakfast.

    πŸ˜‰ – Evyl

  6. who would pay that?


    They could hire heaps of hookers for that kinda money!

    Yep but this way you wouldn’t have to leave the house or worry about an STD. – Evyl

  7. Have you ever seen Lars and the Real Girl? It is a great movie! I thought it would be stupid and turned out to be really good.. not what I expected at all..

    I haven’t seen it. Sounds like fun though. – Evyl

  8. Damn I could be making a fortune on my Crissy growing hair doll!
    A redhead with black pupils – what male could resist? πŸ˜›

    Beats me. – Evyl

  9. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    for my money, a realdoll isn’t worth it, because the 6500 would get me only one body, only one face, and a lot of explaining to do should I ever want to invite a real woman over (not that I would, being a pornosexual, but still).

    porn is cheaper and offers more variety, and there’s no mannequin to kick out of bed so I can stretch out and get comfy after doing what needs to be done.

    Clean up is what I would hate. – Evyl

  10. Frightening how very real she looks – nice of you to be looking out for the crack whores, though. πŸ˜‰

    It is kinda spooky, huh. And that’s me always looking out for my fellow man. – Evyl

  11. I agree with Girly on “Lars and the Real Girl”, what a great flick!

    And little Miss Real Doll sure has some REAL perky nipples…lol πŸ™‚

  12. I watched a special about guys and these dolls……Many of them would dress them up and take them out to do various benign activities as you would do a real girl….Very life like..but still not alive…

    I saw a documentary about one dude that has like three of them. He lives home alone at age 45 but had lived with his mother up until she died. Big surprise, huh? – Evyl

  13. dude, i thought that was a real chick.
    i’d do her. πŸ˜‰

    I don’t know. It might be like licking silly putty. – Evyl

  14. I thought she was real. She might be worth it? I have to go check out that site now… to see what you are fussing about…

    Look away. – Evyl

  15. k, so just got done perusing the site there. Holy hell! Did you see the devil doll; that’s the one for you! “One of a kind devil doll; Intrinsically tinted red skin tone standard body 10 doll with modified face 12 (Horns and brow detail sculpted by Matt Krivicke). Custom airbrushed detail.” Also, the accessories are hilarious, extra pubic patches, a booby ball (a stress reliever ball shaped like a boob w/ a tit). Do I see a potential stocking stuffer for Evyl? Muah-ha-ha-ha!

    10 would be about the right body type for the devil doll although I think they should make a taller doll for her. My wife is only 5’0″ and I have mostly dated shorter women but once I dated a girl that was 5’11” and as I am 6’0″, there was something quite devilish about standing toe to toe and kissing without having to hunker down. – Evyl

  16. It might be expencive but lets face it its cheaper than what a real woman costs! I dont mean the hookers either.

    With a new chick you’d have the dinner and movie then guys usually buy some new clothes so the new chick thinks they’re hot lookin. Then later on theres the nagigng and the mood swings. Finally the engagement rings and the wedding rings. Those two alone would set you back more than $6500. Personally im all for it.

    I read an article about a guy that has sex with his car! Yup he puts his penis inside the exhaust pipe. Or if hes waxing and polishing the car he polishes himself at the same time. His first car was a girl but now hes also brought a boy car so hes in a gay relationship with his car.

    It really is hard for a girl to find a normal bloke these days.
    Evyl, leave your wife and marry me?

    They say that the only difference between sex with a hooker and sex for free is that a hooker ends up costing you less money. As far as leaving my wife, I don’t think I’d ever get out of it alive. I do appreciate the offer though. πŸ˜‰ – Evyl

  17. Rent it! You’ll love it… it’s twisted and quirky… and I think it’s based on a true story..

    I’m off to Colorado now! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


    Have a great trip. I’ll be heading out in the morning for a little camping excursion. – Evyl

  18. Do these things move at all? Cos if they don’t they’re gonna be a dead fuck, you know that right?

    Sadly, they just lay there and take it. Which limits the positions to missionary and doggy style for dudes and for females with a male doll it’s strictly cowgirl. – Evyl

  19. Wow – that thing looks so real it’s scary. How much are those things???

    Starting at $6,499, but one could buy just the torso for cheaper. How strange would that be? – Evyl

  20. I know they don’t move but I’ve seen ones that have vibrating vaginas and a-holes, for the extra added pleasure. To be honest it’s pretty disturbing. If I met a guy who was using one of these I would be pretty freaked out. There is also the tin cans you can buy in Japan,basically you pull off the lid and jerk off into a moist fleshy feeling substance. Apparently it’s one of the highest selling products in the country and you can buy them in vending machines in the tube station.
    I’m not sure which one I find more creepy?
    What wrong with the old fashioned way
    use your hand
    find a girl
    get laid
    Although I must say the devil doll sounds intriguing I’m off to have a look!

    There’s also the fleshlight but natural is best. – Evyl

  21. Hi Evyl,

    I seem to recall dating that chick in college. Doll you say? No wonder she was such a lousy dancer. It also explains why her grades were better than mine.

    the Grit

    Sorry ’bout that. – Evyl

  22. LOL The hooker costs less money.
    Oh well atleast I asked right?

    Yep, you get extra points for that. – Evyl

  23. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    dating costs more than a doll, but a doll is still high-maintenance since once you’re done you have to clean it and maybe replace the batteries depending on which model you buy.

    Thankfully, there’s porn.

    I’d hate to have to clean it. Although I wonder about some sick fuck giving it a tongue bath afterwords. – Evyl

  24. dude
    we have come a long way from inflateable girls eh?
    You know within ten years they will have those completely robotisized.
    I think i will wiat till then to buy one

    I’m awaiting those holodeck things like in Star Trek: TNG & DS9. Get more variety that way. – Evyl

  25. Oz is right, you wait and see, in a few years, they’ll go to the bathroom after and clean themselves up all by themselves. And if they can go out and get a job, then the upfront payment will soon be paid off.

    Now that is a good idea. – Evyl

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