Tasteless Poetry: Episode XVIII

Foreword: I wrote this poem a few months back. I can’t really remember why I wrote it. I remember that I was pissed about a comment but not so much that a smart ass remark back cured it but this little ditty sprung up. I thought that it was a little much even for me. Recently my old blog-friend Ozymandiaz did an interview with the Pakistani Spectator. In it he was kind enough to give me a glowing recommendation. His interview reminded me that I promised to myself that this chunk of Internet landscape would always be no-holds barred even from myself. So here resurrected from the draft basement, I bring you ‘Fuck’ and thanks Oz, I owe you one.


Fucking Pissed

But don’t know why

You’ll get the gist

If you only try.

Love me, Hate me, Suck my dick

I never claimed to be anything but a prick.

So here’s a hint for those without a clue

Fuck You!!!

9 Responses to “Tasteless Poetry: Episode XVIII”

  1. Wow you were mad. although it sounds a bit pms like from the poem “Fucking pissed but dont know why” sounds like me sometimes lol

    You shoulda givin it to the commenter.

    Actually I wasn’t that mad. It was a very minor comment and a smart ass rejoinder was all that was needed. I don’t really know where the verse came from. Maybe I was more pissed than I thought. – Evyl

  2. Well, I hope you’re not pissed anymore. And Oz is the man. I gotta go catch up and read his interview. right. now.

    He is and it is good to see that his verses are more popular than ever. – Evyl

  3. Damn, you have the sweetest way with words!

    I do try. – Evyl

  4. Read the interview…there is some well deserved, glowing praise there for you….
    As to the poem, well all i can say is I hope you felt better for getting the dirty water off your chest

    He was far too kind. – Evyl

  5. in moments as this
    when I am overcome with beauty
    the beauty of unadulterd honesty
    the outpouring of human emotion
    that I
    I just want to scream

    Thanks dude. – Evyl

  6. Let it rip Evyl, Let it rip!!

    Thanks dude. – Evyl

  7. That’s powerful. I can totally see how writing like this would be good anger management. Hmmm… I may give it a whirl.

    It works for me. – Evyl

  8. Okay, I think I’m sensing anger here.

    Well, Shakespeare it isn’t, but I admire the Industrial Strength honesty.

    “always be no-holds barred even from myself.”

    I’ll resist the urge to make the obvious joke and simply say I really admire that sentiment. And you certainly live up to it!


    Thanks, Smith. – Evyl

  9. I’m glad Ozzy gave you such a “glowing recommendation” in his interview. It’s how I found your site. Buut . . . that’s beside the point. I always love to write poetry when I’m pissed, it’s one of my rules, actually. Always seems to give it that extra bit of flavor, the perfect twist, as I have discovered in this lovely poem.

    Oz is great. I’m glad you found your way here. Poetry is great when pissed. It gives it that little extra flavor. – Evyl

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