Asshole Humor

I find assholes funny. I don’t really know why but this clip cracked me the fuck up.

8 Responses to “Asshole Humor”

  1. That’s funcking funny, what is this show called??

    Lucky Louie. And the dude is damn lucky too have a hot asshole sleeping with him. – Evyl

  2. That was the Lucky Louie show from HBO. I’ve never seen it but now I wanna.

    Just like the guy and his wife’s asshole. 🙂

    You just don’t see great dialogue like that on the networks. – Evyl

  3. That was hysterical! I don’t know how they did that with a straight face!!

    I needed that so bad today… thank you!! *kiss*

    Yeah, I would have busted a gut. – Evyl

  4. falling outta my chair, phunny shit!

    It is huh. – Evyl

  5. Very funny, I like the part about the ID. That cracked me up.

    I could just imagine trying to ID someone by their asshole. That’s phunny. – Evyl

  6. TGH and I loved that show – it was a sitcom with a twist. What a riot. Is it still on somewhere?

    Not that I know of. – Evyl

  7. Farkin’ hell. That’s frigging gold.

    I liked it. – Evyl

  8. How much do I love this clip?
    Phucking funny ass shit.

    Glad ya liked it. – Evyl

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