Just Checking In

I went out on an emergency transport this afternoon. It’s fucking midnight and I just got in. I think that I will pop about a half dozen ibuprofen’s and shotgun a couple of beers and I might feel human again. Transport is a lot of stress to me. There I am cruising down the highways and byways with a loaded 12 gauge shotgun by my side and a 9 mm Glock on my hip with two 17 round clips for the motherfucker and I have to maintain the self-control needed not to pop a cap in any of the multitude of ignorant son’s of bitches whose fucked up driving piss me the fuck off.

Tomorrow I will make my rounds to y’all and comment back at this joint but for right now. I am kicking back with a brew and then going to try to catch some sleep. Later freaks and friends.

18 Responses to “Just Checking In”

  1. Sleep well, beautiful one.

    I slept good but today was a bitch as well. Oh well, it’s only one more day until the weekend. And tomorrow is Disciplinary Hearing Day. Hell’s yeah. That’s my favorite day of the week. – Evyl

  2. QueenBitch Says:

    lol even when you’re tired you still make me smile.

    Sweet dreams.

    Thanks darlin’. – Evyl

  3. eh, who would notice a few less bad drivers on the road

    You do have a point. – Evyl

  4. enjoy your brews mate.

    cheers 🙂

    Thanks Bettina. It did help. – Evyl

  5. Well that just sounds like all kinds of fun 😀

    Those Shiners hit the spot. – Evyl

  6. That sounds like a plan. May do the same thing when I get home.

    If ya did I hope it helped you as much as it helped me. – Evyl

  7. Man I wish I could pack heat at work!! Well maybe not, I’d probably end up being one of your illustrious clients.

    They served burnt oatmeal for breakfast, soy burgers for lunch, and some crazy tasty bologna like product for dinner. And we always have a vacancy. In case you decide to go postal. – Evyl

  8. Shotgun one for me, bud.
    Sweet dreams . . .

    I just knocked out one for you. Now I will head back to the fridge and get one for myself. – Evyl

  9. I was wondering where you’ve been. Take it easy. We’ll be here when you are!

    Hopefully I will get out soon after I knock out these comments. Hang On I’m coming. – Evyl

  10. mistermanly Says:

    Hi Evyl,

    First allow me to applaud your self control. That is a manly trait. Second, a bit of advice – mount the shotgun where it is visible through the windows. You will be pleasantly surprised at the improvement in driving ability this imparts to those around your vehicle.

    Mister Manly

    I am sure that it would. It amazes me how respectful people are when I have the Glock strapped to my hip. – Evyl

  11. my bf hates transports too. he liked working in the dead of night for that exact reason- No asshole drivers.

    Just the damn drunk drivers to worry about at night. – Evyl

  12. Have a good rest! You have great control! I imagine my husband with a loaded shotgun while driving as a total recipe for disaster.

  13. Need to have those guns mounted to the front bumper and the side mirrors…..and then have a few buttons on the dash to control them 🙂

    Hope you had a restful night….I was walkin into prison early this morning…bleh…

    That would so rule. – Evyl

  14. Even though this wasn’t a fun event for you I have to say Hubby and I chuckled reading this. Yes, we shoot our imaginary guns all the time, Hubby is worse than I am, I’m just mad at BMWers who think they are the only ones on the road. Gosh I do feel for you……

    I’m glad that y’all liked it. – Evyl

  15. all that talk about guns tends to make a gal moist.

    You say the sweetest things darlin’. – Evyl

  16. The glock. I’m pickn’ up the lingo fo shizzle my nizzle.
    Never heard of that before. Sorry you were stressed and I do hope you got that much needed rest 😉

    Today being Friday, I feel much better. – Evyl

  17. holy crap, I’m so glad that someone else was on the same page as me…That Red, (lol) I just thought for a moment that I was a really trashy sex crazed nimpho.

    Oh wait…maybe I am. tee-hee! Nothing get’s me going like a man that can handle the heat.

    Oh yeah!!! BTW, it’s damned good to see ya. Haven’t heard from ya in awhile. I missed you. – Evyl

  18. Tall, handsome and guns?
    Fuck me Evyl, now i KNOW I’m in love! You really know the way to a girls heart don’t you?
    I commend you on your self restraint too! That’s impressive darlin’!

    You’re so sweet!!! – Evyl

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