Freak Of The Week: The Drunken Freak

Yes, once again my good freaks and friends, it is once again time to put the title of this weeks Freak of the Week up for grabs. This week you also win the title of Drunken Freak Of The Week. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to write a short poem, haiku, or limerick to your favorite potent potable and some of it’s favorite or least favorite effects. So good luck to all in convincing the freak finding panel of judges that your freakishness reigns supreme. May the freakiest freak win.

And remember this weekend, whether it be beer, wine, whiskey, tequila, moonshine, or any other form of giggle juice, be safe. Drink responsibly, Get a designated driver, and most importantly friends don’t let friends fuck fatties…..without videotaping the encounter.

12 Responses to “Freak Of The Week: The Drunken Freak”

  1. it’s sweet perfection
    except for the whisky shits
    drinking maker’s mahk

    :: :: ::

    tequila and lime
    across the tits and stomach
    lick it up, bitches

    :: :: ::

    thanks, evyl . . i know what i’ll be doing this weekend!
    have a good one!

    Great entries. Have a fantabulous weekend. – Evyl

  2. It’s kinda long, but it’s a true story:

    The night started with beer to schnapps
    Then heading for the NCO club
    I got so drunk I needed props

    There I met with my buds
    And tall seven and sevens
    “Cuz I wanted no more suds.

    After about seven tall ones of these
    My mind started seeing a sight
    My bud’s girl started to tease
    That’s when her left nipple took a bite

    Then I took a slap or two
    Leaving my memory a total loss
    For my mind, what went through
    Got slapped out like she was the boss

    Woke up in the morning bright
    Puke in my shirt collar
    I was quite a frightful sight
    The smell would make you holler

    Where the hell did I go last night?
    I couldn’t begin to remember
    So I looked left and right
    But nothing helped me get a glimmer
    Of what made me look such a fright.

    Days later memories began to return
    I had embarrassed myself and her
    It was an important lesson to learn
    Not to drink so many kinds of liquor

    Ever again. . . Least not for a week
    My bud and I would never again speak.

    That was awfully small minded of him. – Evyl

  3. This one doesn’t count for the running but I couldn’t resist a little verse.

    A shot of Cuervo
    Make it gold
    Makes me macho
    Makes me bold
    Fuck the salted rim
    Fuck the lime
    It ain’t a whim
    It’s Get Drunk Time

  4. One beer
    Two beer
    Domestic or import
    Red wine
    White wine
    Or perhaps a port
    Liquor is quicker
    A line or two to snort
    Mushrooms grown in shit
    Frog lickin’
    Glue sniffin’
    A sterno can unlit
    If I try
    And it gets me high
    I for damn sure will be doing it

    Great verse. I’m not to big on the Sterno myself. It has a bitter aftertaste. – Evyl

  5. Hi Evyl,

    I do like martini’s,
    extra olives – no ice.
    At finger food parties,
    red wine is sure nice

    With dinner cold beer
    is the best way to go.
    When romancing a lady
    champaign has to flow.

    But for serious drinking,
    alone in the dark,
    it’s fun to toss back
    shots of Cutty Sark.

    the Grit

    Cutty Sark does hit the spot on a good drunk. Johnny Walker Red does as well. – Evyl

  6. Tequila, tequila
    Oh how your rock.
    You can drink from the glass
    Or lick it off cock.

    I love you tequila
    But I’m a cheap whore.
    You know I love vodka
    That little bit more.

    Vodka, my love
    For 29 bucks.
    You do in my head
    And make me wanna fuck.

    I love you, dear vodka
    You make me shiver.
    But you fuck up my head
    And murder my liver.

    I should abandon you,
    My sweet giggling juice.
    But you know that I need you.
    And I’m easy to seduce.

    So tonight I’ll be shitfaced
    On substance and juice.
    And in the morning I’ll wake
    With hatred of booze.

    But we know this won’t last
    There will be another.
    A weekend of bliss
    With my Russian lover.

    I love you more and more every day. – Evyl

  7. Steel asshole spreader

    Needle gun taking samples

    Prostate biopsy

    Scary. – Evyl

  8. QueenBitch Says:

    i like anja’s one. I will come back later with sumthin’

    Lookin’ forward to it. – Evyl

  9. Butterscotch Schnapps.

    Crazee Tastee. – Evyl

  10. Anja’s ode is pretty good 🙂

    She rocks. There are some good ones to choose from here. – Evyl

  11. Ode to the Drink

    Drink! Drink! and be Merry!
    That chick yer eyein may be Hairy
    The More Ya Drink
    The Better she will look
    So down it fast
    Before she baits ya with a hook!

    Yes yes I know it is lame lolol
    But at least I gave it a try

    Gina, I like it. I used to put on the beer goggles quite frequently in my youth. – Evyl

  12. Water, yeast and hops
    chocolate barley malt is best
    amber love, bottled

    An excellent entry. – Evyl

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