Freak Of The Week Winner: The Drunken Freak

The Freak Finding Panel of Judges had one bitch of a time this week. Although the number of entries were down from previous contests, the freakish quality of the entries were mind staggering. My sincere thanks go out to all the awesome entrants. But in the end there could be only one. This is a historic day for the freak of the week contest. This week marks the first two-time winner. Congratulations Anja. You are The Drunken Freak of The Week!!! Your ode to tater juice has reined supreme.

Russian Lover

Tequila, tequila
Oh how your rock.
You can drink from the glass
Or lick it off cock.

I love you tequila
But I’m a cheap whore.
You know I love vodka
That little bit more.

Vodka, my love
For 29 bucks.
You do in my head
And make me wanna fuck.

I love you, dear vodka
You make me shiver.
But you fuck up my head
And murder my liver.

I should abandon you,
My sweet giggling juice.
But you know that I need you.
And I’m easy to seduce.

So tonight I’ll be shitfaced
On substance and juice.
And in the morning I’ll wake
With hatred of booze.

But we know this won’t last
There will be another.
A weekend of bliss
With my Russian lover.

Once again, congratulations Anja. And to all of those that did not win, there is always next week and you are all freaks in my eyes. And don’t forget to glance at my little ode to Anja on the freak of the week page.

8 Responses to “Freak Of The Week Winner: The Drunken Freak”

  1. woot!

    she’s a very deserving drunken freak 😉

  2. She did well indeed!
    Well done Anja! You go girl!

  3. Damn. I forgot to even enter.

    There’s always next week. – Evyl

  4. Congrats! Great rhyme! I was outta town or you know I would have blown this one out of the water lol, riiiiiiiiight…

    If you’re in town make sure and try again this week. – Evyl

  5. Good on ya, Anja, well done 😉

  6. Fuck me blind. Thanks Evyl, you’re beautiful.

    Ahhh, you’re so sweet. – Evyl

  7. Absolutlely hilarious!!!

  8. that was freaking awesome!! way to go!!!

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