Evyl’s Key To Happiness: #431

Many moons ago, I was taught a simple children’s song. I still sing it every day with my morning coffee. It’s simple wisdom helps keep me relatively sane in a crazy world.

Have a good day, good day, good day

Have a good day all day long

With a happy smile upon your face

And sing a happy song.

Who knows? Your goofy smile might brighten someones shitty day

So smile your smile and sing your song and have a happy day.

And remember keep smiling. People will wonder what the fuck you are up to. And it’s always good to keep fuckers guessing.

20 Responses to “Evyl’s Key To Happiness: #431”

  1. You are exactly right. Walking around with a happy smile is a good thing! Makes ’em all wonder what you have and they don’t šŸ˜‰

    Or what you have received. – Evyl

  2. Aight then!

    The Trailer Of Love

    Shouldn’t that be Aightee? – Evyl

  3. Yes, keep the fuckers guessing. Now when someone says to me, “what are YOU smiling about?” I’m not gonna tell the fucker, I’m just gonna keep the fucker guessing. FABULOUS IDEA Evyl šŸ˜ˆ

    Sounds like a plan. – Evyl

  4. I find that smiling when people are angry or upset just pisses them off even more. I smile a LOT. Hehe.

    That is one reason to smile. It works for me with AJ. That’s for certain. – Evyl

  5. I prefer to silently pass gas and quickly leave the room.

    That works as well. – Evyl

  6. Now ya know why I smile so much huh? lol …. *wink*

    šŸ˜‰ – Evyl

  7. I’m guessing the version with the word “shitty” in it wasn’t the one your mom used to sing to you. Or was it? That would explain a lot actually…

    It would, wouldn’t it? – Evyl

  8. That’s the best part about being happy. People are always suspicious of you and you can keep them guessing. They look so funny when they make those cute little confused puppy dog faces. šŸ˜‰

    I love getting that look. – Evyl

  9. i find maniacal laughter helps

    It would make a good addition. – Evyl

  10. It also sends cynical wenches like me nuts… šŸ˜›

    You, cynical? Nah. – Evyl

  11. When I was a kid and I smiled, my mother thought I had done something torturous to my sister. Um… she could have been right, but yeah.

    When I was a teenager and smiled, my mother would scream at me “You’ve had sex” She was wrong, stupid bint.

    Now if I smile, my flatmate asks me “who have you killed?”


    šŸ™‚ – Evyl

  12. If I start smiling, people run fast….it means I’ve cracked and get the hell out of my way……..

    I have a laugh for that purpose. – Evyl

  13. Are you going to sing this when you make your way up here?
    Can’t think of anything better than me cooking bacon and eggs and you singing for me while I’m doing it.

    As long as someone else is cooking, I can take requests for songs. – Evyl

  14. If you smile a lot AND whistle while you work you can really creep ’em out!

    Whistling always creeps me out. – Evyl

  15. strange how mankind finds laughter suspicious…

    I don’t know. I find it highly suspicious when animals smile. – Evyl

  16. You should include the notes so I know how to sing it.

    Maybe I should arrange the melodies myself?

    Perhaps I should make an audio recording. – Evyl

  17. hey evyl, I have not heard of that song, I like it.
    When I am greeted with a smile, it lightens my load, makes me want to smile back, and for that second everything in the world is good.
    BUT…..you can tell when you are getting that smirky ass kissing smile and they really want to shit on you instead, I hate that fuckin smile.

    have a great day!

    Thanks. Have a great day as well. šŸ™‚ – Evyl

  18. I never know what the fuck I’m up to myself, so i don’t need to smile in order to make others wonder….they just look at me strange anyway

    Strangely enough, I know just what you mean. – Evyl

  19. I went smiling today……my corner cleared out real quick!

    BTW….I’m tagging you for a meme šŸ™‚ Details back at my blog šŸ™‚

    Cool beans. – Evyl

  20. Thanks darlin’ I needed that. šŸ˜‰

    Glad ya liked it. – Evyl

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