Freak Of The Week Winner: Punish The Freak

Although her entry was late, it was so good that the Freak Finding Panel of Judges had to overlook a few meaningless details such as rules and award Cowgal Utahthe ultimate Freak Prize. So Congrats Cowgal Utah for your winning fill in the blank contest. Here is her winning entry.

When I was a child, my daddy caught me checking out his chewing tobacco. As punishment, I was forced to try it and swallow all the tobacco juice. I realize now that this has caused me problems because now I have strange compulsions to swallow nasty fluids.

Nothing quite wins the seal of approval from the Freak Finding Panel of Judges like the ability and love of swallowing nasty fluids. Congrats Cowgal!!! And once again my supreme thanks go out to everyone that entered this weeks contest. If you didn’t win this week, there is always next week when the Freak of the Week title goes up for grabs. Now go and congratulate Cowgal on being a freak and don’t forget to check out my little ode to Cowgal on the Freak of the Week Page.

11 Responses to “Freak Of The Week Winner: Punish The Freak”

  1. woo-hoo!
    I’m so happy to be your freak!

    You deserved it. Great entry!!! – Evyl

  2. Ha! Congrats, Cowgal! Nice job! 🙂 I gotta go read the ode now. **whoosh**

  3. That’s disgusting haha Congrats on the win

    Who are the judges besides you?

    I can not divulge the identities of the Freak Finding Panel Of Judges or else they could be bought out easily. They don’t have the highest morals around. – Evyl

  4. mmmm .. nasty fluids.
    congrats, freak!

  5. well done Cowgirl you big freak! 😉

  6. UMmm, I hope that aint true?

    It doesn’t have to be true just freaky. – Evyl

  7. She’s such a polite girl. She doesn’t spit. Congrats and well deserved.

  8. Congrats to her! I’m not sure I will ever be freak enough for this award lol.

    I know that you have it in you. You should really enter this week. – Evyl

  9. Woo hoo! Congrats Cowgal! Hehehe…nasty fluids.

  10. Congrats, Cowgal.
    I never thought of her as a freak but . . .
    You rock, CG!

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