Freak Of The Week Winner: The Injured Freak

The Freak Finding Panel of Judges had one hell of a time choosing a winner. There were a lot of great entries but in the end there can be only one weekly winner. So congrats Vic on your win. Here is Vic’s winning entry:

I got a pretty rough carpet burn on my ass once after falling off the bed backwards during some reverse cowgirl sex. For the life of me I still can’t figure out exactly how it happened, all I know is one minute is was really good and the next minute my ass was “tore up” – and not in a good way. Yes, we still finished…on the floor.

That sort of freakish dedication to finishing the job should be awarded. Now if you could be so kind, go and wish The Saucy Wildcat congratulations for a job well done. And don’t forget my little ode to the winner on the Freak of the Week Page.

I wish to sincerely thank each and every one of you that posted an entry in my little contest. And remember there is always a chance next week to join the ranks of the Illustrious Freaks. And as always, you are all winning freaks in my eyes.

6 Responses to “Freak Of The Week Winner: The Injured Freak”

  1. haha that’s a pretty funny injury!

  2. well deserving of the win!!

  3. heh , good goin’ . . finishing the deed is awesome.


  4. A purple heart should be awarded for a brave finish whilst injured.

  5. Wow Evyl! What an awesome honor. I’m touched, in a good way, as opposed to a really great way, when I could actually feel it, but still good. Thanks. You rock!

    Thanks darlin’. I’m happy with however I could touch you. – Evyl

  6. Im so glad they finished!!!! I hate to be left hanging there waiting for the firecrackers……..;))

    Catch, it’s good to see ya around. It’s been too long. – Evyl

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