Sunday Morning Tuneage: Hello Me

Nothing quite like a little ode to insanity on a crisp Sunday Morn.

And a little something for the Star War’s Geek/Disco Fan Faction.

Hell why not make it a threefer with a little trailer-billy anthem.

6 Responses to “Sunday Morning Tuneage: Hello Me”

  1. Fantastic music for a Sunday!! I love you choices in music!!!

    Thanks darlin’. You commented before I added the Rehab tune. It’s a catchy little tune. – Evyl

  2. Hey, I’m just glad none of those men are in MY life! Yow!

    But Dave’s really a sweetheart. – Evyl

  3. I am seeing the light, GO RED RAIDERS! haha Big one this week though can they pull the upset? Will they go to #1 if they do?

    They damn sure better. Get your guns up motherfucker!!!! – Evyl

  4. lovin the trailer billy anthem!!

    I’ve listened to that vid about two dozen times today. The embedding wasn’t available for the official uncut vid but it’s worth a watch. The bartender is the same bartender from the movie, ‘From Dusk Til Dawn and the whole vid rules. – Evyl

  5. Loved it! very cool.

  6. Well, I am a day late, but I have to say…your tunage made me smile this morning. Although, my head started to swirl inside during the first song, I hung in there! lol. I am a geek, I loved the second song, and the third just made me wanna dance….well, actually I kinda did. ;-0 I am going to have to go watch that video on You Tube.

    Had to go private, I will add you if you want me to. 😉

    The bartender song is catchy. The tune has been playing in my head all day. And thanks for the invite. – Evyl

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