Winning Freak: Trick Or Freak

A late entry proved to have the winning stuff. With style and flair, Trisha Truly and her amazing poetry selection seized the day. Here is her winning entry.

It was Halloween night and I got such a fright
When I opened the door and saw this!
Miss Muffet was sucking the tits Evyl was f*cking
And the Werewolf was taking a piss!

I stood and I stared at the flesh that was bared.
As the hairy guy zipped up his fly.
Evyl gripped those tits tighter when along came a spider
And Jenna just started to cry!

Little Miss Muffet told Jenna to “Stuff it!”
Barack said “That’s terribly crass!”.
Old Wolfie was drooling watching Evyl start fooling
Around with Miss Jamison’s ass.

I pulled them inside and their eyes opened wide
As they saw all the marvelous toys!
I said you all get to choose. Take whatever you’ll use.”
Jenna batted her eyes at the boys.

She said ‘I’ll take the whip” and she patted the tip
Of that leather-wrapped wielder of pain.
Obama said “Please!” as he dropped to his knees
“I really do enjoy the pain!”

They all picked some goodies while the men flouted woodies.
The werewolf just howled at the moon.
And I asked Evyl then “Do ya think I can win?”
And he said, “Well, you’ll know pretty soon!?

Damn that was fuckin’ awesome. Congrats Trish for becoming a two-time winner of Freak of the Week. Now I wish everyone to go and congratulate Trish on a well deserved win and don’t forget to stop by the Freak of the Week page for my little ode to the winner.

I must give thanks to each and every person that submitted an entry. If you didn’t win, I wish you better luck next time and remember. You are all Winning Freaks in my eyes.

9 Responses to “Winning Freak: Trick Or Freak”

  1. SHIT! I forgot to do this sorry 😦

    My mother fucking guns are up!

  2. I am truly honored! Seriously, this is one of my most cherished titles. I now introduce myself to people I meet as “Trisha, Evyl’s Freak of the Week”.

  3. Trisha, you’re farkin’ brilliant. 🙂

  4. There’s no way anyone was ever going to beat that entry…it was fucking brilliant!
    Well done you freak, you!!

  5. Trisha, that is some awesome writing there. A well deserved win, congratulations 🙂

  6. Wow! That really is amazing. I wish I could write dirty words that rhyme!

  7. Perfect choice! It was my favorite! Trishatruly has a real gift.

    Congratulations Trish! 🙂

  8. *applause*

    Fantastically freaky! 🙂

  9. Nice job, Trisha – that was truly awesome. 🙂

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