A Short Pause For The Cause

Sorry folks but I am afraid that I have to take a short pause for the cause. I have came down with a little bout of some intestinal virus. Suffice it to say that it’s the shits. I’ll be back when I am feeling better but for now I thought that I would leave you with a little joke.

A man goes to his doctor and says, “Everytime that I look in the mirror, I get an erection. What’s wrong with me Doc.”

The Doctor looks at the man and tells him, “It’s because you look like a pussy.”

24 Responses to “A Short Pause For The Cause”

  1. hahaha…that’s a great joke! 🙂 Look at you entertaining us even when you’re sick; feel better soon!

    Thanks Romi. I appreciate it. – Evyl

  2. I suppose Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” is not your favourite song at present?

    Liquids, rest and NO alcohol. Lecture over.

    Take care. *hugs*

    Thanks Anja. I stayed off the booze. Now it should be time to double up and catch up. – Evyl

  3. QueenBitch Says:

    Ha lol thats funny..

    Hope you feel better soon hun 🙂

    Thanks darlin’. It was a rough go of it but I’m feeling much better. – Evyl

  4. Aww . . I can smell it way over here, my friend.
    Hope you’re better soon !

    I’m feeling almost human again. Thanks!!! – Evyl

  5. Well, isn’t that just a steaming pile of poop. You know, about you being sick. Get well soon, buddy. And thanks for entertaining us even when you aren’t feeling so great. You are the best.

    Thanks darlin’. – Evyl

  6. Feel better soon! I’ve been there. I hope you have one of those soft toilet covers to cush your tush during this trying time. (Don’t worry, you can burn it afterwards.)

    Great joke!

    Glad that you liked it. I stayed away from jalapeno’s so I didn’t burn it during. – Evyl

  7. Are you certain you haven’t been dining at the Coogee Bay Hotel in Sydney where they serve gelato ice cream with a little something extra – poo?
    Read it here
    Coz you know you wanna feel that little bit more nauseous 😛

    Thanks for that. – Evyl

  8. Lovely graphic. I do hope you feel better. Is that joke kind of like the guy that can blow himself so he never leaves the house?

    I suppose that it would be. – Evyl

  9. Been there, Evyl. Hated it. Feel better soon.
    I am so stealing that joke! 😛

    Steal away darlin’. – Evyl

  10. lucky bastard
    I meant the guy who looks like a pussy
    cuzz, you know, you are what you eat
    so why are you so full of shit?

    I don’t really know. But no matter how much I vacate, I am still full of shit. – Evyl

  11. feel better soon mate

    Thanks darlin’. I appreciate that. – Evyl

  12. Well, you sure are going to have a *shitty* day! 😦

    Hope you feel better soon love. Its no fun, I know. That bug is going around this area also.

    Take Care of yourself and thank you for the joke. What a guy! Thinking of us while you are down.

    Sending Hugs

    Thanks Passion. It is appreciated greatly. – Evyl

  13. Eat a Half pound of cheese so you really get a workout.

    I don’t know that I need to work out quite that hard. – Evyl

  14. Need some analeeze for the sore pooper?? Sorry to hear you feel like shit!!

    I’m much better now thanks. – Evyl

  15. haha joke was kind of funny.

    Hope you feel better, I have my mother fucking guns up! Hopefully the game won’t make you feel worse

    Keep on hating. It makes us strong. Fuck the Horns. Can’t wait to get through the Sooners, the Cowboys, the Bears, and whoever the Big 12 North drags up in order to whip Bama’s fucking Ass!!!! – Evyl

  16. take care!

    Thanks. – Evyl

  17. Hope you’re feeling better my evil one….

    Much better now thanks. – Evyl

  18. Dude, it’s Friday. I really hope you are feeling better by now! 😀

    Happy Halloween, King of the Freaks!

    Thanks MJ. I hope your Halloween was a good one. – Evyl

  19. Thinking of you and hoping you are feeling better today!

    Happy Halloween Evyl 🙂


    Thanks. I hope yours went well. – Evyl

  20. Must have eaten something that was rotten 😉 some bad fish possibly a bad tuna taco ?

    Nope just a bug. – Evyl

  21. Just checking on you. Gee…you must have a very bad bug. 😦

    Miss You Evyl…get better love.

    Thanks darlin’. I appreciate it. I tried to reach your blog but it said it had been taken down. I hope everything is alright. – Evyl

  22. Ah, I was there last weekend. It didn’t last long, if that helps ya.

    Now if this guy could only do himself. . .

    It was too long for my comfort. But alls well that ends well, I suppose. – Evyl

  23. dontdatethatdude Says:

    Looks like I’m too late to say I hope you feel better, but I’m glad you ARE feeling better. I loved the joke. I’m gonna pass it on! 🙂

    Glad that you liked it and thanks for the well wishes. – Evyl

  24. lol, funny pic ))
    first, I have thought that it is a pie..

    It doesn’t work as well on a black background but if you click the pic it looks much better. – Evyl

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