Shock And Awe

Two In The Pink - One In The Stink
Two In The Pink – One In The Stink

It finally happened. After years of seeing my beloved Red Raiders, reach the pinnacle of respect and then so many times watching them implode, they would not choke this time. Last night they bitchslapped the hated # 1 ranked ‘Horns. The fans voted ‘Most Vulgar Fans in the NCAA’ were finally satisfied on national television. ESPN’s Gameday was in Lubbock and the vulgar fans made their presence known. Some great fan held up a Shocker sign and it was aired. During the game, after a chickenshit block in the back, the ‘Horn loving fucking refs picked up the flag after a Longhorn touchdown and the crowd chanted, ‘Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit.’ There was no way to bleep that out.

The road ahead is tough with next week the Oklahoma State Cowboys ranked # 9 in the nation coming to town and then a trip to Norman, Oklahoma to take on the #4 ranked Sooners. But if Graham Harrell and company can keep their heads out of their asses then I have no doubt that we are looking at a Heisman and a National Championship.


Get Your Guns Up Motherfuckers!!!

10 Responses to “Shock And Awe”

  1. Hook’em Horns 😉

    A little late. Bevo was castrated. Buhahahaha. – Evyl

  2. My guns are up! 😀

    Hells Yeah!!! – Evyl

  3. A very interesting sports weekend all the way around, to say the least.

    It was indeed. – Evyl

  4. What an incredible game! I still can’t believe how it ended.

    I wonder if Harrell and Crabtree could be Co-Heisman Champions? That ending should cement something for one of them. – Evyl

  5. I wouldn’t say they bitched slapped them since they needed a last sec TD to win it haha. It was a great and fun game to watch that’s for sure. Not sure, if you all can beat both Oklahoma schools but I didn’t think you’d beat Texas either so we’ll see.

    Keep on hating Phats. All the way to the National Championship Game. – Evyl

  6. I actually am an A&M fan go Aggies !!!1!!

    Better luck next year. Not much chance of gigging anyone this year. – Evyl

  7. Best damn game of the day, and not just for the result, it was just a friggin awesome game. AWESOME! I say. The Gators had a little easier time of it.

    Those Gators really got some pay back for last years game. Maybe if all goes well, the Gators and Tech could meet in the BCS title game. – Evyl

  8. Ahhh, the shocker.
    Must be feeling better.
    I’ll be trolling the net for a few clips of this game.
    Nice to see you back, bud.

    Nice to see you back around as well. – Evyl

  9. only thing i recognize about this post is the shocker . . mmm, shocker.

    Bound to raise a smile. – Evyl

  10. Guess the Sooners had their guns up last night ans Smoked the Red Raiders….65-21 what the Hells with that for a # 3 team

    It was ugly. – Evyl

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