Things Running Through My Mind: #101,342,005

What color would the Cookie Monster turn if you choked the hell out of him?

20 Responses to “Things Running Through My Mind: #101,342,005”

  1. I love the tag of “where the hell did that come from”? Ya dude, that was random ;-)…and err…I don’t know…I wanna say “brown” ’cause his head would be deprived of cookie-juice if you choked him, but maybe that’s a little obvious….

    I specialize in random. – Evyl

  2. good question…….. I don’t think he’d turn anything, I think his head would jsut explode *smiles dreamily*

    That would be cool. – Evyl

  3. A greyish black colour. I want to know, as everyone who is choked to death evacuates their bowels, would he shit chocolate chips?

    That would be a sight to behold. – Evyl

  4. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    the color of fur isn’t affected by circulation, so he’d still be blue-furred, and the skin underneath would be gradually reddening and then turning blue from lack of oxygen. of course, any attempt to test this theory leads to getting jumped by a small army of hippy puppeteers from Jim Henson studios.

    This doesn’t sound all that threatening on the surface, but the Henson puppeteers are also expected to be acrobats (for the big climb-into-it type puppets) and engineers (for the wee animatronic remote-controlled puppets) and they spend all day slinging heavy robopuppets around, so they’re agile, butch, and capable of constructing elaborate SAW-style deathtraps. Not exactly the kind of people you want to piss off.

    sure, you may get the drop on Cookie Monster, he may wind up losing more than his cookie in the boogie music, but then you risk waking up the sight of a robotic Elmo sliding a long, thin blade up your nose and into your brain, or your car deciding it wants to drive directly into oncoming traffic at high speed no matter what you do to the controls, and the last thing you hear is Kermit the Frog laughing his green ass off as your airbag fails to deploy.

    Damned hippies!!! – Evyl

  5. I dunno, but his eyes would probably go all googly-woogly.

    How could you tell? – Evyl

  6. I dunno but that Doktor Holocaust scares the crap out of me and beearl made me all giggley-wiggley….

    I don’t know, the thought of being giggley-wiggley scares the crap out of me. – Evyl

  7. aren’t his eyes already a little googly-woogly??? I think since we turn blue he would turn white since his head would be deprived of the blue blood.

    Great now I am going to go to bed pondering this thanks lol.

    You are welcome. And thanks for dropping in, I appreciate it. – Evyl

  8. Why would you choke the hell out of cookie?! How about Count Dracula? He was way more annoying

    The Count was a pain in the neck. – Evyl

  9. Cookie Monster is that colour because someone already did the deed and he’s just a baked goods zombie 😛

    I never thought of it like that. You could be right. – Evyl

  10. QueenBitch Says:

    maybe the cookie monster is actually a Vampire?? hmm did we think of that?? Count Dracula has some competition.

    I think it would depend on the type of cookies he ate before being choked. I would like to say this though

    “you’re turning violet, violet!” yeah i watch too many kids movies.

    The only good Count is Count Chockula. – Evyl

  11. as i see it, there is but one way to find out

    I wrap my fingers around his neck
    I hear his silly voice go “ech…”
    I see his eyes bulg just a little more
    his pupils roll like balls on the floor
    his fur squishes between my knuckles
    his blue knees begin to buckle
    I squeez harder and harder yet
    whilst he turns blue as blue can get
    then I notice something pretty strange
    I mean, I know what Im doing is deranged
    but the dude next to me is a freak
    his armed shoved up his blue furry cheeks
    I mean this blue fuck gotta wish he was dead
    with an arm shoved from his ass to his head
    then I notice the dudes looking cross at me
    as if I was the blue ass fisting creep
    then I got the feeling my ass may be next
    and being I want no part of his deranged sex
    I drop my endeavors and run like hell
    I had enough of that in a the prison cell
    so the answer to your queery I did not find
    as I was fearful for safety of my behind

    perhaps I will try again later
    when that dude is not there

    Puppeteers are into fisting so it is a good idea not to cross them. – Evyl

  12. You crack me up.
    And “Somnambulism”? I had to look it up. Who knew? You’re funny and a vocabulary snob. All at the same time.

    I know it well since I suffer from this debilitating syndrome. Although the layman’s term for it is sleepfucker. – Evyl

  13. Thanks for the smile this morning 🙂 I’m going to ponder that on a round table debate later 🙂 You crack me up too…Wow…

    Let me know what y’all came up with. – Evyl

  14. I agree with Doktor Holocaust. His fur would remain blue. Now if his “skin” underneath is ALSO blue, whenever I choke someone they turn red, and blue and red make purple. Yep. Purple. That’s my answer.

    Like an all over purple nurple? – Evyl

  15. I’m just simply in awe at what runs through your head. I’d have to agree with Heff, though.

    Mind staggering ain’t it. – Evyl

  16. I think his googly eyes would just spin around faster and faster until jelly squirted out.

    (And, back to Doktor Holocaust’s wily hippies, that jelly would be booby-trapped with acid. Because you know those hippies knew someone would choke cookie monster eventually.)

    They might try to smoke his fur. – Evyl

  17. Hey, Cookie is my avatar! Tread lightly, dude!

    What’s with that anyway? – Evyl

  18. Hahha, ummmm probably an ashy gray? And his eyes are already pretty boggly, maybe they’d just fall right out.

    Bet his eyeballs would be great for playing beer pong. – Evyl

  19. If you COULD get your hands around that fat neck of his, all the color would probably drain out, leaving him white. But save that cookie for me, you hear?

    Will do. – Evyl

  20. Consensus is broken between clear and white…cuz blue and blue make either clear or white….

    Drunken knowledge has spoken!!

    And sometimes that’s the best knowledge of all. – Evyl

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