Freak Of The Week: Futball Freak

Yes my good freaks and friends, it is once again time to put the most lusted after prize in the entire blogosphere up for grabs. Do you long for blog stardom, do you wish to see the outpouring of slobbering fans, do you have what it takes to be The Freak Of The Week? If you do, then here is your assignment if you chose to accept it. This week is a little beat the caption contest. The freakiest caption to this weeks pic will be crowned the Freak of the Week and all the fame and glory that comes with the title. Enough of the bullshit on with the contest.


Refs Cry Foul When Soccer Great Wan Gay Dong Violates The ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy.’

Good luck to all and may the freakiest freak win!!!

22 Responses to “Freak Of The Week: Futball Freak”

  1. haha niiiicee. This is why soccer sucks and is totally not a sport.

    I think by picking against Tech I am helping so I kept with the trend, but my mother fucking guns are up

    Tech will win by three touchdowns. Read it now. Believe it later. – Evyl

  2. Soccer is not soccer. It’s football, REAL FUCKING FOOTBALL. I shall get off my Eurotrash soapbox now and contribute my humble offering.

    … “You sure you’re an Asian, dude? ‘cos you got a long dong”

    Being an American, I distrust any sport where the players don’t grab a loose ball. Great entry though. – Evyl

  3. Famous soccer player One Hung Lo realizes his opponent is using illegal drugs to enlarge his muscle.

    Another drug enhancing scandal? I wonder if Pelosi will head the Comittee? – Evyl

  4. “You Keel my fahthah !!!”

    I can picture it. And BTW, I made a beer run today. Be looking for a box in the mail. – Evyl

  5. My caption is a video link:

    AC/DC rocks!!

    That is one of my favorite tunes of all time. – Evyl

  6. “Hey man, do you remember that reach around I promised you last night?”

    That’s some funny shit. – Evyl

  7. Hi Evyl,

    Let me see if I can shake off the post election blues long enough to freak out.

    “Hand ball! Hand ball!”

    “You really do LOVE this sport.”

    “I’ve heard of taking one for the team, but I didn’t know this was included.”

    “Thank God I have Affleck!”

    “We have to quit meeting like this.”

    “Hey! At least buy me dinner first.”

    “His name is Stanly. You know; like the power tools.”

    “One more Wee Wee joke and I swear I’ll change my name!”

    “Just checking to make sure they meet NAFTA standards.”

    “You play like a girl, so I thought I’d make sure.”

    “That explains why your hands are so small.”

    “Oh Sweet Mystery of Life at Last I’ve Found You”

    “Ah, excuse me, but the game is called FOOTBALL!”

    “Damn, and this game doesn’t have timeouts.”

    Thanks Evyl; I needed a bit of funny.

    the Grit

    Thanks Grit. Glad that I could distract you with the funny. – Evyl

  8. Hi Evyl,

    Forgot one.

    “Turn your head to the left and cough.”

    the Grit

    Excellent. – Evyl

  9. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    Despite number 13’s repeated cries of Rong Bol, the referee never figured out he wasn’t just shouting to his cousin on the sidelines.

    Buhahahaha. – Evyl

  10. “Dude…you could wait until after the game before playing with my balls! I can’t get off with an audience!!”

    Stagefright is a sad thing. – Evyl

  11. what you doing this is men’s comp.
    why they call you horse more like mouse?
    my wife’s clitt bigger than this!
    All said in oriental accent.

    Excellent entries. – Evyl

  12. one last one
    AH David Beckham much bigger than you, you never get spice girl!

    Baby was my fave anyway. – Evyl

  13. I lied one more.
    dam i wish i was still playing in the European cup, much bigger spoils there.

    Now that’s funny. – Evyl

  14. Can’t think for laughing at that damned pic…looks pretty cosy huh??

    It does don’t it. – Evyl

  15. ” Got pubes? ”

    I likes it. – Evyl

  16. Geez, how can anyone compete with the Grit?? Here’s mine…short and simple, “Oops, wrong ball!”

    I thought that you did nicely. – Evyl

  17. “The left one feels a little lumpy. We should repeat this exam in 2 weeks.”

    Outstanding entry. – Evyl

  18. “Is that a shin guard in your shorts or are you just happy to see me?”

    Happiness is a stiff codpiece? – Evyl

  19. Just had to check out the entries. I got nothing but that is only cuz these guys had all the good ones. Nice job everyone and thanks for the laugh. šŸ™‚

    It was a tough week for the Panel of Judges. – Evyl

  20. ‘Hey, you promised to tidy those pubes up for the game’

    Nice real nice. – Evyl

  21. too gay for me

  22. we have collection of power tools at home coz my dad loves to collect and buy power tools `

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