Minty Fresh My Ass

I was grocery shopping this weekend and something caught my eye that really made me call bullshit. It seems that someone has came up with a scented toothbrush. I scratched the little scratch-and-sniff patch and it smelled like toothpaste. Well actually it smelled like mint but since 98% of toothpaste is mint flavored to me it just smelled like toothpaste. Why in the fuck anyone would buy a toothpaste flavored toothbrush is beyond me. Is it for people too cheap to buy toothpaste? If so wouldn’t they be too cheap to pay extra for flavor?

I can think of only one scented toothbrush that I would buy and that’s Pussy. I think that a pussy scented toothbrush would be fucking awesome. And not just one pussy scent but a plethora of different scented pussy. Every morning you could go to work and breath on co-workers and they would think that you are one rug-munchin’ motherfucker. One day they would tell you, ‘Man that is some sweet smellin’ pussy’, the next day they could say, ‘Damn dude that is some spicy pussy’, and another day they could say, ‘Fuck Dude that is some funky assed pussy’ and to that you could say, ‘Hells Yeah, You have to eat that pussy to see if it’s good enough to fuck.’

It would also be handy when coming out of a bar. Just brush your teeth with a pussy scented toothbrush. When a cop pulls you over and smells your breath, he is not going to ask you how much you have had to drink, he is going to ask you about that sweet smelling pussy.

Now if they will just put KittyCrest on the market.

10 Responses to “Minty Fresh My Ass”

  1. I’d say that there needs to be an equal for the lady folk out there….just not too many that I know of that enjoy having cum breath…..So I guess you guys can have that invention all to yourselves 🙂

    We’ll take it although we would be proud to share with fun loving lesbians. – Evyl

  2. hehe, I gotta agree with average Chick’s comment

    But you fella’s enjoy your pussybrushes now won’t you? lol

    Will do. – Evyl

  3. KittyCrest, huh?
    I’d rather have the real deal though . . a bit of pussy breath and dried up cum on my chin.

    I do luv you so. – Evyl

  4. Ideas like that are what makes millionaires! Imagine all the scents you could do!

    True. – Evyl

  5. Pussy flavored toothpaste would not be good, however, for meeting the in-laws for the 1st time. Unless your mother-in-law was Bo Derek or something. Then it might work to your favor. Hmm.

    That is quite a thought. – Evyl

  6. I bet I could do some botton fishing and catch me a big old cat with your toothbrush.
    Hell I could make my own, and have fresh!

  7. “From the makers of Butt-butter”.

    And edible panties. – Evyl

  8. Yuck. All around. Seriously repulsive, actually 😉

    Well done!

    You say the sweetest things. – Evyl

  9. Ya know, you could brush your teeth and THEN please the little woman and you wouldn’t have to worry about faking it. I’d say the real thing is always better.

    That is true. – Evyl

  10. And you could brand name them “cunning stunts”

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