Thank You Britney Spear’s Vagina

I cannot fucking believe it. It seems like only yesterday when I published a post thanking everyone for my great fortune in receiving 100, 000 hits on ‘From Evyl With Love.’ It seems that it has taken a lot less time to reach the milestone of 200,000 hits. I sit back and reflect on how this could have happened. Is it the fact that the on-line blogging community has found that my wit, charm, and comedic skills finally warrent a greater view? Has my sheer blogwhore ability’s reached a zenith? No, I have one thing to thank for my recent gaudy view hits: Britney Spear’s Vagina. It seems that over the past month, my post on The Wonderful World of Disney featuring Britney Spear’s Vagina has become a hit bonanza garnishing anywhere from 400 to 500 hits a day.

It is strange to owe so much to a vagina that I have neither fucked nor been birthed from. So I suppose that I should not only thank Britney Spear’s vagina but all vaginas. So I give thanks to everyone that has a vagina and to everyone that loves vagina’s.

So thank you one and all. My thanks to all the lurkers who show up everyday unannounced but not unappreciated, to all the commenters who make my comment section the freakiest comment section that I could hope for, to all the contestants on The Freak Of The Week Contest, and to everyone on my blogroll. And a special thanks to Britney Spear’s Vagina. I couldn’t do it without y’all.


19 Responses to “Thank You Britney Spear’s Vagina”

  1. QueenBitch Says:

    200,000? wow! that is amazing. Nice one Evyl 🙂

    Thanks darlin’. It’s all in the search terms. – Evyl

  2. wow! Well done!!

    and it’s good to know that Brittany’s vagina is good for something………

    Thanks and ain’t it though. – Evyl

  3. Britney’s vagina….bringing Evyl to the world!

    In more ways than one.

    Gotta luv it. – Evyl

  4. My vagina thanks you for its worthy praise and is now whispering something about world takeover…. *shrug*

    I am sure that it would have no problem. – Evyl

  5. Your welcome, my vagina just got all teary-eyed (wet).

    That’s so sweet. – Evyl

  6. Damnit !! I’ve had that “I heart Vagina” jpg saved for a special occasion for months ! Oh well, you made good use of it…

    I have been saving it for awhile sorry for beating you to the punch but it is a good enough pic to be used by all lovers of vagina. – Evyl

  7. Vagina’s rule, even when they’re only good for bringing in stats. Hahaha!

    Yes they do. – Evyl

  8. Don’t we all (men). (refering to sign). Of course we could add Lindsey to the rug munchers now.

    I’ll be hitting 200k when I’m seventy, I imagine. Great work there blogmeister.

    Thanks Bud and truly Lindsey has joined the ranks of the preferers of less filling. – Evyl

  9. Wow, that’s amazing. My vagina thinks you’re amazing, too.

    Ahhh, your vagina says the sweetest things. – Evyl

  10. LOL. I had not seen that post before so this was a nice throwback! Congrats on 200,000 hits, Evyl! Quite an accomplishment! I wish you another happy 200,000 future hits! Go Evyl!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Thanks Teeni. I appreciate it. – Evyl

  11. Hi Evyl,

    While I agree that there are a lot of good things to say about vagiinas, although not necessarily Brittany’s in particular, I would also mention that my best drawing post ever was about Nancy Pelosi. Seriously, I was getting like 2,000 hits a day for a week with that one, and if there has ever been a better dick shrinker than Pelosi I don’t want to see the pictures. What a strange world.

    All of which make me think that you should start another blog as sort of a base line, that only features naked pictures of crack whores. And maybe midget strippers. You could probably even get Government funding for such an effort at investigating the Internet drawing power of the vagina to a particular blog. Heck, if Al Gore can get one, you might even have a Nobel Peace Prize in your future.

    Good luck with it.
    the Grit

    A Nobel Peace Prize? Nah, now an AVN award would be a lifetime dream cum true. – Evyl

  12. Congrats!
    Ya know, Goofy peeking out of the G in vagina would go down a treat 😉 😛

    😉 – Evyl

  13. Wooooooo-hoo! Congratz Evyl!

    Thanks darlin’. – Evyl

  14. I wonder if I post about some famous guy’s penis, ran a good tag line, and made a poster saying ” I ❤ Dick ” if that would maybe help me?
    Please., Evyl, use your powers for good! Help me to be a Blog Suck-sess!

    (Seriously, congratulations! You are the one blog I always run to each and every day! )

    Thanks Trisha. I appreciate it. And hopefully that post will garnish you mega-hits. – Evyl

  15. Way to go.

    Well done Mr. Evyl for 200 000 OMG ! 400 to 500 hits a day. I’m quessing that people must love viginas. I’m getting excited thinking about genital warts and a post.

    Wunder if genital warts would get the same hits.

    I did a post on genital warts once. Here’s a link.
    If I remember correctly it didn’t garnish many hits but then again it was towards the beginning of this blog and I didn’t have many visitors for any post. – Evyl

  16. Oh darlin’! I’m sorry I missed this. As you know I’ve been all over the place other than blogs lately, and now I feel extra bad.
    To miss this post is unforgivable! No other word for it.
    Know I’m thrilled to the back teeth for you, and I’m quite surprised it didn’t happen sooner…if anyone deserves milestones it’s you…here’s to at least another 200,000 hits and dammit man, you’d best invite me to the party when it hits half a million ok??
    Congrats again darlin’
    *smooches for you*

    Thanks darlin’. I appreciate it. And don’t worry, I appreciate everytime that you come by. – Evyl

  17. Congrats from me and my vagina… we would also like to thank you for all the giggles that keep us coming back for more 🙂

    It’s damned good to see ya back darlin’. – Evyl

  18. Wooowweeee! Congrats, Evyl…from the bottom of my vagina…or top, or…you get the idea!

    Thanks!!! I appreciate it. – Evyl

  19. I dont have a vagina, I have a pussy.

    And it purrs so sweetly. – Evyl

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