Racial Balance

Something has been brewing since early this election month that has brought forth a lot of racial division in this country.

Aunt Jemima Pancake Syrup

Aunt Jemima Pancake Syrup


Mrs. Butterworth's Pancake Syrup

Mrs. Butterworth

 Fuck It!!! I am going to start using Log Cabin Brand Syrup and stay the fuck out of this mess.

19 Responses to “Racial Balance”

  1. That Butterworth woman is hussy. Plain and simple.

    I always wondered about her sexuality. She has that whole Mrs. Doubtfire look going on. – Evyl

  2. I think it’s actually called Uncle Tom’s Log Cabin Brand syrup.


    That would be good but on the Log Cabin site, they credit the name as an homage to Abe Lincoln. – Evyl

  3. I’m so with you on that.

    Let’s enjoy pancakes, I say. I like me the yummy stuff~ 😉

    I love a lot of things covered in syrup. 😉 – Evyl

  4. I once gave a caucasian man a massage with warmed Mrs. Butterworth’s.

    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

    Now that’s a philosophy to live by. – Evyl

  5. We have ‘Coon’ cheese over here. There’s a shitload of debate about that. It’s not that long ago you could get ‘nigger boy’ shoe polish.

    Geebus Wheezus, devour the syrup that floats ya boat.

    Yeppers. – Evyl

  6. Pennsylvania Pure Maple Syrup. It’s the only way to go, Eyl. Trust me.

    Never tried Maple Syrup from Pennsylvania. I have never even seen it in these parts. – Evyl

  7. Pancakes……pancakes and ice cream and Golden Syrup and more pancakes and more ice cream and……
    Did you say something else, Evyl ? 😛

    Never have tried pancakes and ice cream. I’ve tried waffles and fried chicken though. Purty decent. – Evyl

  8. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    you can always liberate your favorite pancake-syrup from any racially charged packaging by decanting it into one of those little pancake-syrup-dispensers like they have at IHOP.

    True, speaking of IHOP, I really need to swipe one of those coffee decanters. Those damn things are freakin’ awesome. Even if I do prefer Waffle House. The hash browns are addictive as hell. – Evyl

  9. I avoid pancake syrup…..I just use chocolate syrup and whipped cream….maybe a scoop of ice cream too……

    Now I am really going to have to try pancakes and ice cream. – Evyl

  10. Stay out of the mess by going pure…pure maple syrup, baby.

    I like pure maple syrup but around here it is even more expensive than gasoline was a month ago. – Evyl

  11. SHE IS HOTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, did I let that slip?

    Yep. – Evyl

  12. You’ve never had pancakes, ice cream and maple syrup?? Oh shit, you have to try it! Fucking beautiful….very moresome!!! I’m not a big sweet tooth, but I can eat pancakes like that till I’m almost sick

    I have to try it. – Evyl

  13. now i’m hungry.

    Happy Eating. – Evyl

  14. Hi Evyl,

    I hate sweets. Does that make me racist? Modern life is too complicated.

    the Grit

    Ain’t it though. – Evyl

  15. I like blueberry syrup. 😯

    I do too. – Evyl

  16. Doktor Holocaust Says:

    if swiping an ihop syrup-pitcher doesn’t work out, you can buy them off the internet, in all their molded-bakelite retro glory, for less than twenty bucks, and this is for a vintage 1950s model with mechanical thingie at the top like at ihop.

    That’s cool. – Evyl

  17. hahahaha….that was so effin’ hilarious!!! …what about Aunt Jemima? I think she’s the tops…

    Mouf smackin’ good. – Evyl

  18. I agree with the above comment: they’re both garbage. Not a drop of real maple syrup in either one. I prefer the real stuff.

    FWIW, around the turn of the last century there was a cigar called
    “Little Niggers” and a pipe tobacco known as “Nigger Head”. The latter is still being made, but now it is known as “Negro Head”. Even more strangely, when it is exported to the U. S., the “Negro Head” name is covered by a lable which says “Blackjack”, but you can still peel it off and reveal the original name.

    My, how times have changed.


    They have indeed. On the maps of the county there is a creek that was once listed as Dead Nigger Creek. Now it is just listed as Negro Creek. I guess that not only the n word was deemed offensive but also the fact that he was dead. – Evyl

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