Ain’t Got Shit

I tried to write a tasteless poem for today but all that I could come up with was this:


Shove my cock in Jamie Lynn Sigler

Deep down her throat to tickle her giggler.

I know that is for shit but it’s hard to think of anything with this video running through my head.

Oh well fuck it. I have a guest post coming up for Writer Chick, some guest picks for Phats, and the Freak of the Week contest coming up. Hopefully that damn song will get out of my head soon and I can post some of my usual fucked up shit.

11 Responses to “Ain’t Got Shit”

  1. baahaaahaaa

    so if I use that spread will I have ‘holy toast’?

    I don’t know about holy toast but a Toasted Beatitude Biscuit with Big Butter Jesus could allow a breakfast eater to be filled. – Evyl

  2. Too funny! She’s been on a lot of shows lately – Entourage and How I Met Your Mother. Wonder why she’s suddenly so popular again? Cuz she’s single again, you think?

    Love the butter video. I like my Jesus with mashed potatoes and ground black pepper.

    You’re going to hell for that one. Look forward to meeting up with you. πŸ˜‰ – Evyl

  3. Yeah, she played a drunken slutsky on How I Met Your Mother last night. I love a good role for young hot actresses.

    Big Butter Jesus is great on rye toast, by the way.

    Gotta luv Drunken Sluts. The world would be a happier place with more of them. – Evyl

  4. She’s come a long way from being Meadow Soprano.

    Big Butter Jesus *sniggers* too fucking funny.

    It is a great tune. – Evyl

  5. I like my Country Fresh Jesus dripping all over my corn cobs πŸ˜›

    Hells Yeah. – Evyl

  6. I can see where having a song like that running through your head might be a problem.
    I think I’d put down the pen and go make some popcorn.
    WWBBJD? (what would big butter jeezus do?)
    There’s a t-shirt just waiting to happen.

    Yeppers. – Evyl

  7. Thanks one hell of alot. Now I’m gonna have to go through my Metal Library of pirated mp3’s to try and rock that butter song out of my head.

    A good dose of Black Sabbath should do it. Just make sure it’s with Ozzy. – Evyl

  8. Well, when I look at the pic of Jamie Lynn Sigler the term “sweet cream Jesus” does come to mind…

    Ain’t that the truth. – Evyl

  9. Yeah, I would thoroughly spank Jamie Lynn.

    The Trailer Of Love

    I’d like to give the young lady a good tongue lashing. – Evyl

  10. AGGGHH!! Halway through that damn video I was singing the fucking chorus like I wrote it!
    Damn earworms……. Thanks, Evyl. I am stoned on tequila toddy and you go and put this in my head. I was sick already. Oleo Lord…..

    A Tequila Toddy will always do the trick. Have fun with the song running through your head. – Evyl

  11. Somewhere in jersey there’s a guy with a bullet with your name on it !!
    I hear Tony’s soldiers are looking for you !


    They couldn’t even think of a decent ending for the show much less my ending. – Evyl

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